Coco for Cozytimes

little things in the messy rush of everyday life

 sometimes chloe sleeps in the top bunk with mo.  many nights they both end up screaming and crying because their comraderie only lasts so long.  if they don't fall asleep before that time runs out, then she ends up back in the lower bunk.  i love how they are both pressed up against the sides of the bed here.
 if you are one of the few to have tried one of my Signature Grilled Cheeses, count yourself lucky.  
 Sauteed Kale, Fig spread and soy or regular cheddar fromage.  Used Coconut Spread for sauteeing the kale and for crisping up the outside of the bread.  it's seriously just so damn delicious.  salty sweet and cheesy all at the same time.
 so, Moses' eye infection has cleared up but chloe ended up getting it and so she stayed home from school today.  moses was happy to stay home from school last week.  chloe on the other hand lives to get out so she was less enthused about having to miss school.  to cheer her up, i smiled and jumped to when she snuck into my washroom and came out with some blush and asked if she could have some.  i also put some gold sparkles around her eyes and some lipstick.
 kind of want to tattoo this face on my eyeballs to see wherever i go.
  you can't see it very well here but after the long weekend away from them doing the Holiday Sessions, i did their nails.  all pink with the middle nail as Hello Kitty.

not too shabby considering i didn't have a lot of colours to work with.  toothpick for the fine details.



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