Fresh Air

during these hectic times, i do manage to cram some quality downtime into our lives.  this past friday we went for our first walk in months.  it was a beautiful sunny day, the kids and i took a walk into town, stopping by the thrift shop, grabbing groceries, visiting cousin Andie, and having a little play at the park before lunchtime.
 hanging on the condo steps
 sibs fo lyfe
 pretty leaves
 beneath a beautiful sky 
 checking to see if our friends are home
 found a PERFECT patch of light on the way back home from our outing
 the complex park
my Bear, my Bear, my Bear...
 ...talkin' bout myyyy Bear...

happy that we were able to spend some nice time together rather than have them bouncing off the walls in the house while i'm plugging away on the computer.  definitely felt great to get out, move my legs and fill my lungs with amazingly crisp fresh air.


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