Kids that Party

we had two of my favourite girls over for dinner last night: Tera & Kat. sort of a belated birthday get together for Tera since we were unable to make it to her soiree a few weeks back.  throughout the evening, i found myself paying more and more attention to the kids in this setting.  i have trained my kids to enjoy parties.  since they were both little babies, we brought them out with us to family parties and friends' parties, staying out late and just going with the flow.   for the most part, i needed to get out for my own sanity as many of you other mamas will agree.

last weekend we attended a Halloween party in Ladner with 4 other families, all with two kids of their own.  with amazing food, lots of drinks to go around (although we had to constantly smell the plastic cups of water the kids would grab from the counter just in case it actually wasn't water...), and music blasting, it was just as much a party for the kids as it was for the adults.  the 8 boys retreated to a quiet corner of the house and piled onto a couch and watched shows on an ipad while chloe and little miss hastie danced their butts off in the living room.  the kids stuffed their faces with treats and cupcakes and raced around in cars.  they were having an amazing time!  nobody wanted to leave.
 last night was a much smaller crowd, but still the same sort of thing.  the kids played until dinner was served.
 we put on records while enjoying our yummy food
 organic pork, poached egg, polenta, kale, tomato sauce
(i'm too lazy to fancy it up with words, i've been sitting here for almost 12 hours now)
Tiger Army finished as we were half way through dinner
Joan Jett was next on the record stack for the evening
 the kids' leftovers
 dancing on the table.  i'm always the one taking photos of them doing bad things, thinking it's awesome, until another parents starts reprimanding.  oops!
 i couldn't stop thinking about how the way they are partying now as toddlers is going to be the way they will party when they are older.  going to parties together, deciding what food to bring/share, drinking until their shirts come off and it's a shirtless party and chloe will still be the one wearing pants that show her crack.  she will also be the girl that licks your face or your arm and think it's hilarious.  here she is dancing to Joan Jett on her chair.
 then everyone got on the floor to shake it
 "i love you moses! i love you moses!"
"owwwwww, you're hurting meeeee!!!!"
 i took over dessert with a recipe i have never tried from Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals: Stuffed Apples!!!  prep for these babies was super easy.  did a few dishes and hit the patio with Tera while the dessert cooked.
Stuffed Apples
Core as many apples as their are guests.  (4-6)
In a food processor/belnder: 1 egg, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 cup dried apricots, 3/4 cup blanched almonds
Stuff this filling into the apples and spread the rest on the bottom of an earthenware bowl (i used a pyrex bowl).  Place the apples in the bowl
Microwave on high for 10 minutes
Carmelize in the oven for a 5 minutes
Serve with yogurt/ice cream
OPTION: drizzle Cointreau and set on fire (did not have Cointreau)
 the sweaty discheveled crazies scrambled back to the table for dessert
seriously.  how lucky are these kids?  run around and play until food is ready then go back at it 
i love this photo
 "who put the skunk in the candles???!"
"i did it!"
- Chloe 
she will also be the one doing these sort of shenanigans at parties and admitting to it while laughing.
it was also decided that Kat & Chloe would tag team at parties to get people to do ridiculous things using a perfect mix of peer pressure and charm... for example getting Tera to kiss a magnifying glass.  my daughter has a way of being really convincing that actually makes ME feel like giving into her ludicrous requests... until i remember that she is 2 and that i don't want to do things like put my face on a magnifying glass that she has totally slathered all over her mouth.  thanks, but no thanks.   
dude chilling
 Tera, going through more records
 stuffed my face with dessert to the combination of Bob Marley & electric trains click-clacking
 got some lovely shots of Kat's intense golden curls
my new favourite tea i picked up the other day just so happens to be one of Tera's faves

they left at about 10 o clock.  perfect.  my kids have never been the ones to sleep at 7-730.  that is absurd.  that is often the time we are sitting down for dinner, never mind the 30 minutes of downtime before the hour long bedtime routine.  we love having guests.  please join us.

to good times with good friends!


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