tiny birthday

 we went for a little outing downtown on sunday for kevin's birthday since he would be working the whole day on his real birthday.  we parked at PC and walked down to Giovane.  we had planned to go to Cafe Medina (Flashback!) but when we passed by there was at least 30 people waiting outside already.  we walked back up to PC, but not before stopping at Mink for some chocolates and a London Fog.  kev had $75 for Holt so we went to try on a bunch of dress shirts.  no dice.  my favourite was sold out of his size.  we stopped at H&M to grab something for Nova's birthday party where we spent the rest of our afternoon.
moses has acquired a nasty eye infection.  after dropping chloe off at school yesterday, Moses and I had some quality time together driving out to Vancouver.  KLF & Milos came for dinner the previous night and told us about Lemonade, a new gluten-free bakery that just won Best Gluten-Free Bakery and came in 2nd place overall for Best Bakery in the WestEnder's "Best of the City Dining 2013".  You may have already spotted their incredible Campfire Cupcake in new stands throughout the city!  What a perfect gift for my dessert loving husband.  Moses and I raced out and picked up some goodies, including a ginger cookie each for the kids and a pistachio-orange biscotti for me.

kev arrived home and we zoomed out to meet my brother and mom for dinner at Thai Son in Van.  nothing like a giant bowl of steamy pho on a fall evening.  ramen comes close.  we drove further into Vancouver one more time to borrow lindsay's light for our Holiday Sessions this coming weekend.  we enjoyed a short visit, catching up with one another's projects and discussing future ideas before heading back to the boonies.
i jumped in the shower with the kids while kevin ran out.  we hustled quickly to have his tiny cake ready for him.  we were 3 seconds late, but it was ok.
 Cherry Almond Tart with Pistachios
(almond frangipan with cherries)
 poor momo.  at least they are less goopy and crusty today.
  colours are so pretty
 no plates
 opening our little gift
 the kids made layer cake birthday cards
 with sparkly candle light
 so helpful
 Assorted gluten free cookies that i will try not to eat

Chocolate Almond Sparkle
Peanut Butter
Double Ginger
Quinoa Chocolate Chip
Oatmeal Raisin
Vanilla Shortbreak

we will definitely be heading back to this bakery to try some of their non-dessert goods including (dairy free) breads, loaves, baguettes and buns!  it's one thing to enjoy cookies and other treats, but i know for kevin and all the others on gluten-free diets really miss being able to have sandwiches, grilled cheese, baguettes with charcuterie and wine, and the things the rest of us take for granted.


  1. so, so sweet! love your photos, phanie. true magic. happy birthday kevin! (and that bakery sounds yummy! will have to check it out!)


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