6th Annual Christmas Party chez Lindsay & Neil

Thanks to our lovely hosts with the mosts Lindsay and Neil for throwing another fantastic Christmas party for all!  Thanks to everyone for entertaining our children and helping them when they fell into crisis, because of you, both kids and parents were able to enjoy the party!  And thank you for everyone who helped capture photos throughout the night.  It's always nice to prove that I WAS THERE!
 we made a contribution of guac and coconut marshmallows
these turned out a lot better the second time round.  used molasses and honey instead of corn syrup and having parchment paper made it MUCH easier to remove from the pan.  not sure if they were actually popular or if kevin ate them all.
 Neil prepped crème brulées once again, but this time with an eggnog twist!  chloe grabbed some cookies and ate them in the hosts' bed.  please forgive this.
 filled with sugar, she proceeded to make new friends in the solarium/computer room
 deep conversations
 the Langemann's showed up!  two nights in a row with Tare Bear!
i love other people's things
 dorking around
Moses, also filled with sugar, plans his night of debauchery
  i love it when awesome photos like this are reversed focused
 impressive tongue
 cheersing oranges with Courtney
  this went on for some time...
 kev checking out the cameras for the time lapse video
 i totally smile like my mom.  i love this girl.
Dustin & Courtney
Marysia.  babe with jewellry making skills.
 babes with shiny outfits and hair styling skills.
 Coreena.  babe with illustration and photo skills.
 Neil. babe with culinary skills.
 we find a sweaty Moses crying over a bitten tongue.  a block of ice does the trick.
 he goes back to his horseplay in the bedroom with Nicola
 i am amazed at the amount of patience people have with my children
 he bites his tongue again
 more ice!
 takes a break under the covers
 he looks so old.  4 going on 16.
 Neil takes over the bed, passing out early, 2nd year in a row
 which really is just an invitation to be molested by drunk girls
 and Nathan again...
 we brought Benadryl for chloe since she seems to be be allergic to cats.  her one eye still got pretty red and by the end of the night she was getting pretty rough around the edges.  she decided to rest with Neil for a little bit.
 who knew the night would be so educational.  she learned PEACE signing with Neil
 and thumbs up/down with Alexis

another year over
can't wait til next year!!!!

Click here for all the photos from the night
Click here for all the photos from last year


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