A Very Merry Unbirthday to Chloe from The Houstons!

 i don't even know where to begin with this post.  these days, i'm secretly wishing for people to invite me over for dinner because i'm so exhausted and so sick of living in my disorganized home, barfing "TO DO's" and piles and props and setting up and taking down backdrops for studio shoots.  my dream came true, but it was more than i had imagined.  honestly, delivery pizza and water would be FANTASTIC, but Matt & Renée went beyond and planned mini birthday party for Chloe because they would not be able to make it this year, and were out of town last year as well.
 we arrived to a fully decked out home, half Christmas and half birthday and ALL AMAZING.
 we feasted on some terrific sushi that i will happily drive out to Hastings & Victoria to have again, aprticularly the one with mango and coconut!  Myla played musical chairs throughout the evening, giving everyone a chance to snuggle her sweet soft downy head and give Mama a bit of a break.
 a fancy shmancy crown was made for the birthday girl
 the kids opened a few presents: snazzy socks, giant colouring books and felts, pocky, stickers and more!
 Myla intently watched the small creatures that were scuttling and blabbering on her floor
oh yeah, and Renée made chloe one of her beautiful jellyfish!!!!
also, motherhood looks really great on you, Jess.  you are natural.
 ONE boyfriend.
 she is growing up
 are these mine?  really?  HOW?
because all of this surely wasn't enough, Renée also made a fort over her bed for manicures 
 Chloe is doing Matt's nails
rolling the bottle
 a job well done!!!!!
 AND there was a gingerbread house to construct and decorate
 AND they made this hilarious cutout of a princess and ICE CREAM THE CATERPILLAR
 Chad also got his nails did.  how come girls don't throw up gang signs to show off dem nails?
 actually complementing one another on each other's nail colour and sparkles LOL
 Myla went down for a little nap, so clearly i was obligated to take a few snaps
 um.  i love this photo.
 a little whip cream and cherry and BAM: DESSERT
 Renée did Chloe's nails
and to end our incredible night of festivities, Chloe was given a sparklers send off!
 i'm tearing up a little, still in total disbelief that you guys went through all effort and made time in your busy lives to do SO SO much for my little big girl.  there are really no words for this kind of love and thoughtfulness, i am really truly just blown away.  we are so blessed to have you guys in our lives.  i can't believe it's been 3 years (ok now i'm crying) since you were there in the hospital helping me to birth this little girl into the world.  i'm so happy we are still such close friends and that our kids will play together and become friends.  thank you all for making this night so special for her, she really loved it and has been asking to go back to your house again.  you guys are the absolute best.  xo.


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