Birthday Snow for Chloe

my Little C is 3.
"i'm still your baby!" she chimes.
i'm glad she knows.

as usual, the week was crazy.   following the 3-4 back to back Christmas parties, i had a newborn session with twins on Tuesday afternoon, followed by a rush design job to have their birth announcements arrive on the Friday for Christmas (my computer of course decided to tell me i needed a new external hard drive in order for Photoshop to work).  i stayed up too late fighting with my computer to get the cards done and woke up early for another 9:30am session in Vancouver with a
beautiful single mama of a 3 year old princess and 36.5 weeks along with her second.  i had to bring the kids.  everyone was great.  then we rushed back to Tsawwassen just in time for their last day of school at 12:30pm.  i went across the border to pick up our Christmas cards that had arrived (20 minutes line up coming back into Canada), pick up more packages for clients in town, grab and drop off groceries and then pick up the kids.  tried to tidy the home a bit before having dinner with the Hasties and then staying up to design and order Christmas card prints for the twin girls from Tuesday.

kevin has been fantastic this week.  while i worked my tail off, he took the reigns for Chloe's birthday party planning, heading out to Richmond and Walmart to grab decorations and prizes and whatnot as well as making a candy piñata.  THANK GOD ALL THE STORES ARE OPEN UNTIL MIDNIGHT FOR THE HOLIDAYS.  it's the only time we really have to do anything these days!

Friday was her birthday.  it was low key but perfect.  i figured, we were having her party on Saturday already, she didn't need to have an extra special day on her real birthday no matter how guilty it made me feel.  that being said, it was such a godsend that it was SNOWING!  that in itself was a wonderful birthday present.

they played outside our humble patio for a little before heading out to pick up her birthday cake.  thank goodness they were able to squeeze into last year's snowsuits!

i swear my Dad was watching over us that afternoon.  i ordered her cake from the lovely Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake and we had to drive out to Vancouver to pick it up, but the snow had made the roads a little treacherous.  my heart was in my stomach, my butt, and my throat all at once as i slowly meandered through the new highway leading up to Ladner Trunk.  a pile of snow had gathered about 30 feet from the intersection and sent us fishtailing back and forth across 2.5 lanes.  by some miraculous stroke of luck, there were NO cars around us.   about 15 of them were behind us and about 200 feet away, all watching as we spun out.  and of course, just as we came up to the stop line and straightened out, the light turned yellow.  at this point i was ready to turn around but there was nowhere to turn around on the highway.  once we crawled out of the tunnel, the highway and roads were much clearer and the giant fluffy snowflakes had turned to wet sloppy drops.  we made it.  by the time we returned home, the roads were significantly clearer and safer.   i made myself a drink and hurried the kids back into their snowsuits to make our first snowman together.
 we went out into our courtyard.  the kids have learned a lot of things from watching shows.  they knew all about snow angels and would often drop down spontaneously to make them.
we worked together, rolling snow, smoothing and shaping our bonhomme.  he was smaller than i had hoped he would be and his head kept falling off so he ended up being a pretty stout little guy!
they both enjoyed eating handfuls of snow.  this required me to warn them about yellow snow. 
Frosty needs a mouth!

  our neighbour's dog heard the kids and ran out, only to sniff up our Frosty and eat his nose!  thankfully i packed two carrots with us!
   it was time for us to head inside and get changed for dinner at my mom's.  my sister would be arriving for Christmas and we were all excited she would be here for Chloe's birthday!  the kids were very sad, not wanting to leave their Frosty, knowing that he would melt and they wouldn't see him again.  yes, they have watched Frosty a number of times...
 my little weirdo giving Frosty a goodbye lick.
Are you there God?  It's me, Chloe!  Please don't let Frosty melt!
my mom got princess decorations
 and an Asian style cake with a jello layer.
 very stoked in her Cinderella dress
 some princess jambes and these amazing heart leopard pants from Lola
 Hello Kitty book (in French!) with a playmat and figurines at the back from Uncle James
a Hello Kitty "mommy & daddy" from Auntie, as requested for the last 2 months.
and Daddy took the cake with a giant Rainbow Dash stuffie.  loving Moses' reaction here.
 so very very happy.

sigh.  i don't know where the time goes.
i know it's so cliché but it's really heartbreaking how fast they grow.

ok. onto the birthday party pictures.
christmas crafts
decorating the tree
kids to sleep
wrap presents


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