Chloe's Hello Kitty Party

and we're back.

the kids are busy playing with their Christmas loot while kev and i do our best to restore our home.  the downside of condo living is definitely having to share the garbage and recycling area.  basically, You Snooze You Lose, and since we have been running ourselves ragged, we've definitely been doing our best to snooze a little more.  of course this now means that we are storing a giant pile of recycling until god knows when.

moving along.  while i work on our Christmas photos, here are a few goodies from Chloe's birthday party!
having had no time all week and then going to my mom's the night before, we did not start making food or decorating until about 10:30pn.  once again we were up super late and up early to meet the party deadline.  thankfully, the kids slept over at my mom's!
no matter how many toys are around, "real life" objects always prove to be more fun!
around 1-1:30am we cobbled a "Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty" game together
kevin also made a giant bonbon piñata stuffed with hot wheels and tiny Nurse Hello Kitties
  it took a while to get into it
   thank goodness we had some bigger kids to help break through!
chloe grabbed a bunch of extras for the girls that couldn't make it
another delightful batch of cupcakes from Coco Cake
the kids waited so patiently as kev brought out the cake
making a wish
let no candle be left unsucked
permission granted to dig in!
non-consensual cake.
present time!  thanks to Lindsay for taking these photos so i could enjoy the unwrapping with Chloe!
not sure who is more in awe of this doll: Chloe or Kevin?
big hugs
again... not sure who was more stoked on this new bike from Auntie MC!
finally!  no more tricycle for this big girl!
thanks to everyone who came out during this very crazy Christmas season to celebrate Chloe's birthday,  especially those coming in from the city after our big snow day!  it makes it worth all the effort and lack of sleep to see her surrounded by so many smiling face and so much love.  love to you all for coming out and for the wonderful generous gifts!  

CLICK HERE for all the photos... 


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