Christmas 2013

HOORAY!  Christmas is finally over!!!!
Photos from Christmas Eve with my mom's side of the family followed by Christmas Day at kevin's parents home.

we won the Filipino award, being the last ones to arrive at my Auntie Joyce's in Vancouver.
my cousin Charlene baked up a storm, with tins full of biscotti, macarons, gingerbread cookies and even a gingerbread house just for the kids.
as usual, there was a massive amount of food followed by desserts and treats. 
kevin and i stayed up late the night before to bake some special gingerbread cookies to mix in with Charlene's batch of gingerbread...
 i was only 10% worried about getting in trouble.  thankfully my mom had a few drinks!
 my aunt from Cali came up for Christmas and cracked up over the cookies.  i wish i could post the photo of my mom's impressed face, but she would kill me for having a picture of her holding one of these cookies on the internet.
 good times!
the aunts and uncles with my Lola
the cousins and partners
 i love baby feet.
Laureniferd & I
 the only thing we have heard about for the past 2-3 months from Moses is LEGO TRAINS
 i am super jealous of chloe's swag.  shoes and clothes galore along with more Hello Kitty
 we didn't sleep until about 3-4am.  we got home around 12:30am and did a bunch of unpacking, tidying up and stockings for the kids.  it was a brutal awakening 4 hours later when the kids woke up.
 i have to say, we are so lucky to have such great babysitters.  Maggie, whom i used to work with at Thrifty's came by on Christmas Eve with a few small gifts including this camera ornament.  Maggie you are the best!!!
 we had gone to Holt Renfrew the previous week to try to find a pair of pants for Kevin.  he's had a credit there for quite some time and while perusing, Chloe and I came across a Marc Jacobs bracelet.  regular $90, on sale for $60.  my sister found a rubber version for $30 and i was sold.  i know.. ridiculous.  i'm sorry.  i'm sorry.  i'm sorry.  i just know she'll love it forever and ever and ever.  it's so easy and so fun to buy for her!!!!
 we also finally got to open our gifts the kids made for us at school!
 a beautiful wreath
 as an artsy craftsy mom, i am a super sucker for everything they make and everything they draw.  

Moses has done NOTHING and has talked about NOTHING but his lego train set 
 kevin is the king of gifts.  first the My Little Pony for her birthday, and now this Hello Kitty plane, complete with figurines and other tiny bits and pieces.
 we finally managed to get ourselves out the door to visit Nana & Great Grandad before heading over to kevin's parents home for the day.  we were lucky she had just pulled out some of her famous scones. the kids LOVED them.  i did my best not to eat them all.
they've been very cranky over the holidays.  probably the lack of sleep, late nights and TONNES of snack and treats...

 we arrived at the O'Briens, opened our stockings and presents and then it was out for a walk in the fresh air.  
my sister in law Jen stayed up into the wee hours of the morning finishing this incredible dress for chloe, complete with adjustable pick-ups so that she can let the dress down as she grows taller!

I think my New Year's Resolution needs to be to take more photos of Moses!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!!!



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