Festive Hearts

  i'm so excited to be almost through with the Holiday Sessions.  it was a fantastic year, but i gotta admit i'm eager to move onto the next phase: Christmas Parties!!!!!  the weather has been so cold so i picked up some apple juice while on a grocery run yesterday to make cider for me and the kids.  nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and star anise added a little festive flavour to these steamy sweet drinks.
since yesterday, this track has already expanded.  all this boy wants for Christmas is "LEGO TRAINS".  and why wouldn't he?  he is obsessed with both.  he has found some weird videos on the ipad of these lego trains where he seems to find inspiration for his own tracks.  since he doesn't have lego trains, he makes tracks and integrates lego/duplo into the track.
one of chloe's favourite shows to watch when moses is feeling generous is Curious George.  inspired by the DIY carwash George made after going through his first carwash, Moses decided to make one for his trains.
gates on both sides and a track with a brake control to stop the trains while they get cleaned.
Moses is also able to recite the entire introduction to the Lorax.  he has illustrated the intro here.  the middle one is my favourite with the truffula trees decorated with shark stamps and the brown barbaloots.  on the left is the boy talking to the Onceler and on the right you can see a very happy Swammy Swan flying the clean blue sky.
some cozy childhood comfort food on this chilly icy day: Golden Noodles
for the most part, Moses is the picky one.  that is unless we are having these noodles.  he ate 3 full bowls, more than any of us ate.  and he cleaned the bowl leaving nothing but residual grease.  he even told me i didn't need to put them in the dishwasher because they were so clean.
 oops!  almost forgot!  whenever we have Golden Noodles, there is the tradition of pulling the neon pink net packaging over our heads!
kevin embarked on a pretty rad project with the kids
who needs gingerbread man cookie cutters when dad is willing to trace every detail of the kids drawings of gingerbread men?!!!!
this one's got a distinguished moustache (chloe)
by Moses
giant monster by Chloe  (this one is about 6 inches tall!)

photos to come of the other characters!  we didn't get a chance to decorate them tonight as we enjoyed a chill communal dinner of tacos over at the McLeod-Knight residence, followed by Despicable Me 2.  nothing like good company during these short winter days.  thanks again for having us!


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