Girls' Night with Chloe: Westbank Christmas Party

it must have been that run-in at the Pac Rim a month ago on Kevin's birthday weekend, Chloe and i were touring the lobby lounge while waiting for our food next door in Giovane, when i saw my old boss.  i received an invitation to their Christmas party at The Fairmont in Coal Harbour and so i took my little party girl for a fun and fancy Girls' Night Out while kevin and moses went to the malls to catch up on Christmas Shopping.
the boys dropped us off and we headed to the third floor.  Chloe wore her princess tiara headband from Matt & Renée's surprise birthday party they threw for Chloe the previous night.
 still in love with the ceiling details
 chloe and i took our seats at the one empty table up front by the band.  we feasted on yummy salads, penne, glazed veggies and roasted fingerlings while the band played.
 i would consider this chloe's "first" live music experience.  it's not really the same at open family festivals as it is in a smaller enclosed more intimate environment.  she was dancing and eating the whole evening.
 as luck would have it, the band that happened to be playing was The Star Captains!  the beautiful NaRai, Erin's BFF, and her guys were our musical entertainment for the evening.
 chloe eventually gained the courage to go up close and introduce herself.
you girls looked stunning together!
 dinner was delicious and it was time for dessert: Cranberry White Chocolate Gingerbread Trifle.
 i wish i could have eaten 10 of these.  i'm sure chloe feels the same way.
 we enjoyed our dessert outside the dining hall area.  chloe found her favourite spot by the windows facing the Olympic Torches.  sigh, that used to be my view from my desk...
 and then there was sashimi and rolls.  chloe instructed me not to forget the ginger.  amazing.
she loved it and ate my share
 she made friends with my old co-worker Hweely.  it's easy making friends when dessert is involved.
 back to dancing to the music
  NaRai pulled out some bubbles for Chloe
 kevin texted us he was on our way, so we said our goodbyes and headed out front
 they've got a pretty sweet water display of penguins in scarves
had a fantastic night.  

we just got back from Night 3 of 4 of Christmas parties and tonight was a mega doozy!  The kids had their Christmas Concert at 6:30pm, we peeled out to Vancouver at 8pm to arrive at Taryn & Syx's for their Annual Ugly Mug party, stayed for about an hour and then back in the car to make it over to KLF and Milos' Chrstmas Party.  tomorrow is Lindsay's Annual Christmas Party where 50-80 people dressed to the nines will cram into a 500sq foot apartment filled with good music and bottles a booze and delicious hors d'oeuvres...  I LOVE CHRISTMAS.


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