It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas...

Our house has been smelling delicious.  I think we may have broken some kind of record for our house smelling like like baking instead of clothes and compost!

ENJOY!  Life continues to be crazy busy, the bags under my eyes continue to generate ill response to everyone i see, but we are still managing to fist some Holiday Cheer into this tiny butthole portal of time.
let's start off with this crazy delicious salad: Char-grilled Broccoli with Chickpeas, Almonds, Lemon and Chilli via The Design Files.  this is one of my favourite blogs I subscribe to.  In addition to great design, art, craft, and home tours, they have a segment called Tasty Tuesday where they feature some fantastic mouth-watering recipes.  I since we don't have a grill or a BBQ, I just put the pan on high and squashed the broccoli down with a pan lid.  The broccoli remains crunchy, everything is awakened with the bright zesty lemon juice/zest and light spice of the red chilli pepper (I used 1/4 of a pepper, not the entire pepper they suggest).  The mint and parsely taste SO good with this, especially the mint, in my opinion.  Love the almonds and the shaved park.  I added bacon.  I'm bad, but it worked.  The kdis surprisingly REALLY loved this which made it worth the effort cobbling this together at the end of another long day.
the evening continued with ANOTHER amazing recipe: 
Gingerbread Spiced Marshmallows via another one of my favourite blogs: Joy the Baker
 we didn't have PAM so we had a little trouble getting this sticky guy out of the pan, but we managed to save him and get him out all in one piece!  Oh yeah... forgot to mention that this happened at 11pm at night.  we had no icing sugar so I headed out to Safeway at about 10-10:30pm once the kids were in bed.  the marshmallow set for almost 24 hours by the time kevin arrived home and we had dinner.
 the kids are always eager to "help".  more like Taste Testers or Scavengers!
i had no batteries for my flash so the photos i have of dipping these babies in chocolate and rolling them in gingerbread cookie crumbs will not be showcased here, BUT NEVER FEAR, we will be doing another batch of these for Lindsays Annual Christmas Party this Saturday!  they were quite strong the first day and a half but afterwards, they were a lot tamer and pleasurable to consume.  definitely looking forward to playing around with more marshmallow flavours!
 (ahhh!  it's 1:05am i gotta get through this faster!!!!)  Saturday we set up the backdrop for 15 Minutes with Ada, who donated $200 to the Change Your Hair, Change Your Life Fundraiser.  a few testers here with my sweet little bear.
 token peace sign photo with Momo
two of my favourites from the session!
followed by Lucky's donuts!!!!  Chloe is in the best shock hahahaha.  Not even a little miffed that mom and dad have already sampled a bunch of the donuts!   i tried to say no, but the bacon one was in there and the Red Velvet with mint frosting and pieces of candy cane really surprised me and turned out to be my favourite one of them all.  such a pleasure to see you again, Ada!  thanks for making the trip out and bringing us treats!
i took the opportunity to do my sister's Christmas present while the backdrop was still up.  i sent her a different version when Moses first started preschool.  at the time he could only do the Rock On and the Peace.  his hand is finally able to do Hang Loose to complete the triptych.  i love the Peace one so much i'm planning on having it blown up... like poster size to frame and hang in the house.
i attended my first cookie exchange that evening.  kevin banged out 144 gluten free cookies while i whipped up the packaging.  
i won the Ugly Sweater Contest.  should have taken a photo.  got just a little too drunk.  puked a little, felt better and ate cookies with 12 other awesome ladies.  didn't get home until about 1-1:30am and was up the next morning prepping and packing to do our Christmas photos downtown with Lindsay.  went to Foundation for dinner, came home and tried to clean up the shitstorm that blew through the home, knowing Monday wouldn't be enough time to have it in shape for Maternity session Tuesday (today).
and of course, i've been packing packing packing all the orders from the Holiday Sessions.
sometimes i wonder if people really care while i'm spending hours trying to figure out what to do, but it seems people do care!  I had one of these ones picked up tonight and as my client walked away she thanked me and told me she loved the packaging.  YAY!
 and... this was from last night.  my house in complete disarray.  thank god you can't fully see the counters are the table and floor behind the couch because those are the true nightmare areas!
 Teriyaki Dons, Gen Mai Cha and Mandarins for dinner
 my beautiful beautiful boys
 how i got so lucky is beyond me
 alright.  after playing with our food, these three sillies got back to work on their gingerbread men!
 kevin whipped up some royal icingand the kids helped direct him wear to squeeze while they chose which candies to decorate their customized gingerbread dudes.
 Señor Crazy Pants by Moses
 Mister Moustachio by Chloe
 kevin did a truly excellent job replicating these drawings.  check out the mega bling belt buckle and that sweet chocolatey moustache!
 and as you saw above, chloe so delicately made these fancy shmancy shoes 
 this guy must have been checking out my rack with those crazy eyes... MAN DO I WANNA MAKE OUT WITH THIS GUY'S STACHE! 
 everyone watches intently while kevin does some pinstripe pants on Mister Legs
 Moses decided to do some shoe decorating of his own with some silver balls
you saw the first monster from the previous post.  here is the other crazy monster Chloe drew.
 we have named this one Geodude which is the nickname given the Ainge's huge younger brother who is a bouncer.  Chloe always brings out these mega medallions.  and she was very insistent that his silver teeth line his entire mouth, not just the top and bottom.  (the side ones are his "back teeth" apparently)
 this was the very first gingerbread man that Moses drew, even before Mr Legs.  we have coined this guy Conan O'brien.  check out the suit and the ginge hair!  well, i guess it went a little cranberry but still quite the resemblance don't you think?
and last but not least, the Abominable Candy Cruncher
 Greedy Guy with all that candy in his mouth!
 but where oh where will this gingerbread family live? 
we'll have to wait and see....

jesus christ i'm tired.


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