Triple Dash Friday: Christmas Concert and 2 Christmas Parties

shall i stop introducing each post with an apology for my tardiness?
non stop non stop go go go.  no time to give the list, let's just get on with things!

the kids had their Christmas Concert last Friday.

 chloe got dressed up in a new dress from her Auntie MC, accessorized with a headband that I received just before I shaved my head.  LOVE the gold that matches the gold sparkles on her face and the totally Toddler-in-Tiared lips.  BUT THE COLOUR WORKS PERFECTLY!  yes, i totally realize i am in trouble and it's all my fault.
 smiling to crying.  again, my fault.  my Mom arrived, and i wouldn't let her run out with Moses to greet her at the door because I wanted to take a photo with her.  can you say Jackass?  can you say Jackass with Something About Mary hair?
proud parents and grandparents waited like sardines in a can in the hallway outside while the kids from all different classes gathered for the first time as one group to do a practice run.  
 have you noticed that chloe is the only one not moving her mouth?  she explained to me way ahead of time that she would not be singing, that she would "just do nothing".  and that is what she did.
  Moses on the other hand, sang and laughed with his friend Darcy.
 the kids sat down while the audience filled the seats
 chloe broke out of her frozen stance when she spotted her Daddy
 the teachers began directing the first of 3 songs
 and chloe returned to her original muted pout face
 Dad is laughing
 the performance is followed by a visit from Santa!
 candy canes for everyone!
families line up for appies and desserts while the kids run themselves hot and sweaty for about an hour

so.  about a month ago or so, Taryn announced they would be having their Ugly Mug Christmas Party on the same night.  i immediately put it in the calendar.  as luck would have it, the concert fell on the same day.  i initially had to decline early that week, thinking the concert would end too late, and since we were already super beat and had Lindsay & Neil's Annual Christmas Party the following night, it would probably be best to rest up.
nope.  surprisingly kevin was totally into hitting not just one but TWO parties!  KLF decided to throw a last minute Christmas Party so after making an hour appearance at Ugly Mug, we hightailed it to KLF's  as well!
as per usual, her home was beautifully decorated
welcoming wrestling match between Milos and Momo
More wrestling in the bedroom
  9-10pm and still going full force jumping on the bed, until...
 chloe falls off the bed.  that's ok, some ice cream in a cup cleared out those tears PDQ
 slurp nom slurp nom...
 i love KLF because every visit, there is always amazing finds that i have never seen
 i am envious of the amount of plants they have.  plants come to my home to die.
 girls just wanna have fun
 refuelling with some guac
and double fisting mango with cilantro 
like a moth to a flame, chloe found KLF's collection of Ilia lipsticks
 a few festive crafty crafts
 double-sided Santa
 and more wrestling (with stickers!)
 the night ended with a piñata (handmade by KLF of course)
yes, this is kevin using Moses as a bat.  it's ok, Moses was laughing like crazy.
 the piñata caracass made a perfect party hat
 thanks for a fab time guys!  have a great holiday in MEXICO!!!!

next post: Lindsay & Neil's Annual Christmas Party


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