Freezing with the Fiddy

this whole household has been feeling under the weather.  and the weather itself has been a little all over the place.  yesterday it was rainy, the day before it was nice, and today looked pretty promising and then it got super freezing cold.  i put a shout out on FB for anyone with sick kids that wanted to join us for a park date.  both cait and michelle replied and we went with michelle.  they were heading to the school park that is closer.  i didn't feel like dragging the kids on the long walk back from that cait was headed to, especially with a cold.  turns out, i missed some messages and they both headed to the the further park.  no big deal, we only stayed for 10 minutes since the wind picked up and was making my hands ache. (god please don't say i am getting arthritis!)  i brought my camera and went with my 50mm that i haven't used in ages.  we went to Centennial last Friday with the Stones and Brock took some sweet photos with his 50mm which made me miss it.  
  if you missed it, one of my resolutions is to take less photos of chloe and more of moses.
 on the left, we have moses being a whiny jerk about not wanting chloe to go on the slide together.  after a quick reprimanding, they went together... in a chokehold!
 snotty noses in the house
 she refused to look at me.  reprimanding has no effect on this chick
 mom fail.  i keep forgetting to buy tissues so they keep eating their boogers.
 "mom!  help!  i can't get down!!!"  "just jump!"  moses jumps and then helps catch chloe
 run lola run (can i call her lola?  oh wait, that's what they call my mom)
 we got 45 seconds of pretty light on the walk back
 i love this 
 and these two remind me of why i need to take more photos of him
 gonna try to do some reflection photos tomorrow if we find a good puddle
 couldn't decide between these two.  he's equally sweet in both and she is equally bitchy
(sorry mom)
 i think some of my favourite photos of her are when she refuses to give me satisfaction
we made it!  back into our warm cozy home for cheesy noodles!

really loving these slower days
almost caught up on the last sessions of 2013 before i start up again


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