Gluten Free Ghetto Tiramisu

Kev arranged a fun treat for dessert tonight.  If you don't know kevin, one of the first things you should know is that he has a huge sweet tooth and a specific weakness for pies and crumbles, anything, of course, that would normally have tonnes of delicious gluten!  he's come a long way with adjusting to a gluten-free lifestyle and thanks to the wider availability of options and others in the same boat, his cooking and baking of gluten-free meals and desserts has really taken off.
 He happened upon some gluten-free animal cookies today.   He then remembered that we had some left-over whipping cream from over the holidays.  Apparently those two things together inspired him to try out his first "Tiramisu".  we checked out a few recipes on Pinterest and while i drove into Richmond to retrieve my forgotten phone, he whipped together some dinner and his version of tiramisu based on the ingredients we had.
 It usually calls for marscapone cheese which just happens to be $15 for a container the size of your average margarine.  He used some of the organic cream cheese we had instead when making the custardy layer.  Instead of giant lady fingers dipped in espresso, we dipped the gluten free animal crackers into some earl grey tea!  It definitely made it more fun (especially for the kids) to scoop out and find different animals hiding in their delicious dessert.
 this guy is becoming more and more like his father with each second of every day.  all kids love dessert but this guy will lick until the bowl or plate looks fresh and new.  he will do anything for dessert.
 also, normally we would have made these in nicer receptacles, but everything was currently dirty or in the washer so we had our ghetto plastic kids plates instead.  also more entertaining for les kids.
 although chloe is usually our champion eater and the less picky of the two, she has definitely been having issues eating when she doesn't 85%+ love what she is eating.  tonight was broccoli soup with pork and grilled broccoli.  it took her forever until the three of us started eating dessert together.
victory never tasted so sweet
 sadly, it was a late evening which meant the kids went totally out of their minds from the sugar
 no problem the electric dad chair can't fix...
it fits up to two crazy children

thanks kev


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