Just Say Yes

holy colds batman.  thank god we have had a NO PLANS weekend.  the kids are coughing all day, but thankfully remain in great spirits.  i just got over a mild phlegmy cough before catching kevin and the kids' congestion and head cold.  hopefully i don't get their dry cough, i'm feeling pretty disoriented today with a new pair of burning eyes.

our friday was lovely.  the kids have continued to push boundaries.  either they have broken me in, or they have drawn back a little bit.  friday i wanted to have a day where we did things they loved and that would make them happy.  their lives largely consist of being dragged around town doing errands with me, and i remember how much that sucked as a kid.  especially on days where you just felt like having a quiet day at home.  awesome for chloe, more of a drag for momo.
 so we went for a walk into town.  i told them they would get a treat and get to go to the toy store.  chloe was stoked to wear her new Hello Kitty dress, a belated birthday gift from one of our classmates.  she wore a pair of tights that had another pink tutu attached which gave her new dress some extra volume.
 mom's intense eyebrows with his 4 year old smile
my god i can't believe how fast these two are growing.  my brain is overrun by the thought of them being teenagers one day.  it's the one thought that seems to have consumed my every thought.  i know that nobody can say, nobody can know what their kids will be like, but it seems so easy with these two.  their personalities are both so very strong and so clear…  my greatest hopes and my greatest fears are all bundled in a giant ball in my throat.  i haven't been sleeping well these days with so many worries brewing in my overactive mind.
 it's going to be a lot of love and a lot of hate and a lot of screaming unless i figure this girl out soon.
 the rivalry continueS.  "I DON'T WANT A PICTURE WITH MOSES"
"ok ok, don't worry, i'm only taking a photo of you!  Moses, don't move!"
 we are also being driven mad by their constant arguing
"yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes" "no no no no no no no no no no no"
 i am so happy this jacket has lasted for more than a year
 it took me another block before i realized her shoes were on the wrong feet
 getting ready to race
 moses keeps demanding they race knowing full well his age and size will lead him to victory, unless of course she springs it on him out of nowhere and zooms ahead.  he gets discouraged easily when he is losing so we really need to get him into a sport and onto an even playing field.  chloe on the other hand, though she "loses" the majority of the time is still a good sport.  when moses tells her she is "only 3", i encourage her by pointing out how close behind him she is though she is younger and smaller.  i also remind the both of them that when they are 10, she is going to be just as big if not bigger than him for a couple of years… so he better respect respect...
 we walked all the way up the hill into town.  our first stop at Starbucks.  my mother in law is a teacher and gets a bunch of gift cards for christmas, but since she doesn't do tea or coffee, i will often find a card in my christmas stocking.  i usually treat them to hot chocolates but decided to let them try something new.  like most kids, they were not stoked on the idea of trying something new...
 but as soon as i put them down and they saw the cream and caramel they were sold
 aw yeah
i forgot how insanely sweet these were.  definitely a rare and special treat.
sigh.  so easy to see them as teenagers
we went to the bank and dropped into the book store before heading to the toy store.  the door had not even fully opened before chloe ran and screamed "CINDERELLA CINDERELLA!" pointing to a Disney Princess book at the top of a rack.  i handed it to her and proceeded to browse around.  after about 2 minutes, i looked around to see where she had gone and found her at the very back of the book store in a large fuchsia chair happily flipping through the book.

i'm hoping to have more of these days.  they are good for everyone.

hope everyone had a lovely weekend



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