Kids Mini Reno

we finally got around to redoing the floor in the kids' bedroom.
Day 1
I emptied the kids room.  Everything but the bed which i left for kevin to disassemble once he got home.
tearing out the carpet and underlay probably around 1030pm
removing tack strips
Day 2
rented sander to smooth out the floor.  TSP wash twice.
Day 4-5
Floors received 2 layers of clear coat epoxy.  Kevin rocking out to Metallica after 11pm while painting the walls.
Day 6
natural light
Day 7
baseboards painted
first night back in their room

another resolution i'm hoping to cross off is adding more art to our walls.   i have commitment issues with putting art up on the walls.  what if i don't like it???  well, i can take it down.  duh.

here are a few of my favourite pieces in the house.  some which are displayed, others that have been long-waiting for a place to call home.
Print by the very talented Andrea Wan.  local artist now working out of Berlin & Vancouver.  attended Emily Carr with Andrea and have been addicted to her whimsical dream scopes ever since.  i've had this print for almost a year now.  i'm SO happy to have it framed and ready to go up!

Print by another favourite local artist Nomi Chi.  i saw this print up on the wall of The Cobalt as part of an alphabet show where numerous artists created a letter of the alphabet.  This is "G".  yes, it's a bit morbid but i love the style so much!  i called multiple times to hunt this print down, determined to have one for my own.  it now sits on my office shelf right beside my computer.  I LOVE IT.  in addition to her illustrations and paintings, Nomi Chi is a tattooist artist here in Vancity.  
i've had this dapper fellow for a while.  this suave cheetah is actually one of the lucky pieces that have been up in the kids room for a while.  if you are into animals with personality (and a story) i'd check out the artists Ryan and Lucy Berkley of Berkley Illustration.  they have a huge collection of animals decked out to the nines.  
i have a few pieces of work from this artist.  i went to Emily Carr with this artist as well.  unfortunately i  have long lost her card with her name and the only name that i can fish out of my brain is Erin.  i envied and coveted so much of her mixed media pieces.  i loved her style and sense of humour.  she made fantastic work.  i bought this piece along with a few others at the annual Student Art Show and Sale while still at ECUAD.
this is a newer piece from last christmas.  Paboom had a pop-up shop where i sold a bunch of my work and helped cover a day shift.  they had loads of silkscreen prints for sale and this was by far my favourite.  printmaking was my favourite media but i could never seem to formulate images as detailed and tactile as this.  also love the sweet vintage frame.  works perffffectly.
i've been collecting inspirational posters and images to do add to the walls.  i love having other artists' work up but i definitely would like to create a few pieces myself.  so far this is the wall in the kids' room.  i'm glad kevin ignored my anxiety of how and what to put up and just went ahead and did it.  it's started and like so many other things, that is the hardest part.  super excited to fill this wall with more art and photos!

i can't even begin to tell you how in love i am with the concrete floors.  they look stupendous.  the new white paint feels incredible, the room has an entirely different feel.  the kids have realized how lovely it is to have a new room and have been showing if but a TINY ounce of respect and care for it.  i'm trying like crazy to not let it get out of control, i'm really really trying.


huge huge huge huge huge thanks to kevin for doing such an impeccable job.  the floors are gorgeous, the paint is even, the lines are clean, i am just in love with it :)

will keep you updated on the room's progress.


  1. looks amazing!! wow wow i love the floors... and all of the awesome art. it's addictive getting pics for the kiddies, right? i need to stop etsy-ing and online shopping for T. xo

  2. god, i just love finding amazing pieces by artists. so lucky to have gone to school with so many creative individuals, i keep meaning to go back to the Student Art Show and Sale to find more goodies!

  3. Kevin did it all by himself? If so, he’s so talented! Renovation is a challenging job but Kevin was definitely up for the task. The room looks wonderful! Your kids will surely fall in love once they see their room. What room will you do next?

    Arthur @


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