New Year's Resolution: MAKE SUSHI

i think this resolution is a year old, but better now than never!  and i guess it's more of a goal than a resolution?  yes.

the kids love going out for sushi.  it's a mad dash between the four of us and the kids continue to squawk for more once we've enjoyed our meal.  chloe had her first "craving" for sushi when out doing errands, and asked me if we could go eat some.  i grabbed some seaweed and sushi rice earlier this week and with the kids out at my mom's yesterday evening, i decided to give it a try.  we carry most of the ingredients on a regular basis so i felt good about not having to break the bank trying something new.
the rice took the longest so i would suggest making it early on.  i happened to find a really fantastic blog called Just One Cookbook - Easy Japanese Recipes that helped guide me through making the sushi rice and how to roll.  kevin did the deep-frying for some agedashi tofu and the yams for the rolls.
the first roll was just straight yam.  i quickly learned that if you are using the whole sheet of seaweed, you need to put more goods into the roll, otherwise the rice to goods ratio is a little much.
so i went all out and added cucumber and avocado which helped to fill the rolls.  not too shabby for a first/second try!  a little flat, a little loose, but not bad.  definitely need to give our knives a good sharpen  to avoid cutting back and forth more than once and getting finger squeeze marks on the roll!
so apparently, sunomonos are traditionally sans vermicelli noodles, which in my opinion, MAKES the sunomono.  we were all out of noodles from our last batch of Golden Noodles, so i went with Just One Cookbook's cucumber salad (sans wakame).  it was good, but kevin isn't a fan of sesame oil (lame!).  i'll have to check out an alternative recipe for the next time.  we also had Agedashi Tofu.  batter was a bit sticky but still good.  we still ate them all.  ha!
excited to show the kids, i made some maki rolls for lunch today.  i folded and split the seaweed in half to make smaller guys.  still had rice leftover, i did not go through the long process again!  cucumber, a bit loose and not evenly sliced.
 the avocados were a little bit better
 not bad!
 kids were stoked and immediately started grabbing their picks off the mini cutting board/serving tray
 (whatever Moses…)
 still hungry i made them one last round and let them watch the process.  they cheered in awe when they saw the very first slice go through to show the insides!  so cute!
a little tighter, a little cleaner, i see great and delicious things in the future!


i have these two desserts on my list for pairing with our sushi adventures
via The Design Files
(i would absolutely recommend checking out their mouth watering food section)



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