Quiet January Days

mini Rivers Cuomo in the house with his Mr Roboto jimmy-jams
kevin found these frames eons ago.  early 2000's… possibly at Tru Value Vintage when it was still open on Robson St.  it's always a risk having frames put into vintage frames, but we have been pretty lucky so far (knock knock)
my baby is going to be 5
chloe caught Moses' cough last week which of course meant she had a bout of asthma.  we walked into town to refill her puffer.  Moses rode his bike and chloe rode in the wagon with a cozy blanket and one of her have baby bears.
she wasn't her usual chatty energetic self, she stayed sitting in the wagon for 95% of the time we were at the park.
seeing all the other kids run around, she came out for 5 minutes to go on the swing
she gave me one tiny sweet smile and then went right back to sitting in the wagon
about half way home, she started nodding off.  afraid she was going to keel over the wagon, i laid her forward onto my backpack.  poor thing.


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