Shepherd's Pie with a Twist!

I finally have dipped my toe back into the lake of work.  I gotta say, I do miss the long days before photo when I was able to put more effort into food.  Today was a great day for food.  This morning I found a super easy recipe for pancakes.  Considering some of the complicated recipes I have made, I have managed to screw up pancakes one too many times.  They turned out pretty good.  I'll take a photo of them my second time around when I get the hang of it.

Tonight I had a hankering for some shepherd's pie.  I ended up using 3 different recipes that came together to make the best shepherd's pie I have ever tasted.  I actually need to write it all down before I forget what I did.

Recipe 1: Yam Shepherd's Pie  by Menonite Girls Can cook (HA!)

Recipe 2: Kev's Nana's Shepherd's Pie

Recipe 3:  Using Jamie Oliver's Squashed Potato recipe for the yams.

oh yeah.  i also added some butternut squash to the yam, and a little maple syrup to the squash/yam.  and some cinnamon and sage with crushed garlic cloves.

For the most part I used the first recipe, except for step 4 at which point I jumped to Nana's.  I completely forgot to add the peas at the end before putting it into the casserole dish so we added it onto our plates.  Added Nana's layer of mushroom soup between the meat and the mash and her layer of chips on the top.  I was angry when I opened the bag of chips and realized I had grabbed BAKED and not FRIED.  i tried to make this EXTRA healthy to make up for the fact that there would be chips on top!  They tasted fab anyway, the extra crunch was excellent.

All I can say is, all four of us hoovered this baby in record time, all taking turns exclaiming how delicious it was.  I was elated.  I love finding good recipes and feel so proud of myself when I actually am able to do things a little on the fly that end up working!  That's more than I can say for last week's dinner fail…  You win some, you lose some and I can tell you the next time I make this, I will DEFINITELY be making a double batch.  And like a good Filipina, there was ketchup on the side.  

Invite yourself over.  


  1. Oh my gosh! Looked soo yum! I'm coming over right now...


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