the kids have been driving me insane lately.  their sibling rivalry has been given an upgraded tank of super fuel, it seems i'm breaking up fights a little too often these days.  moses likes to assert his firstborn power and chloe likes to tear it down.  we emptied their room on Friday, transferring all their furniture and belongings into our "living room", so that we could tear out the old nasty carpet and use the concrete beneath.  having had to sand it and apply two layers of clear epoxy, the kids have been sleeping in our bed.  they usually show up in our bed every night but i am usually oblivious to this until they wake me up in the morning.  having to squeeze in between their hot sleeping bodies has not been fun or nice on our bodies, but i took 20 minutes to snap some photos of bedtime in our room.
 moses found something on chloe's teeth
 being silly with his blanket
 then laughing at the previous photo that he asked to see
 angry chloe.  she's still trying not to suck her blankets.  i caught her.  embarrassed and angry, she whipped it out.  
 i had to laugh, which seemed to give her the impression that it was ok to put it back in her mouth...
 and then moses accidentally kicked her in the face just as i was trying to take a photo of her
  plotting her revenge
 aggressive face pinching was her weapon of choice
 then of course came the loving apology
 which is always a half chokehold 
 or a loving face squish
 you never know if these will stay friendly or go awry
and being the mom i am, i often say nothing and hope they will make the right choice
 moses returns the face squish
 which to chloe's surprise, does not feel as good getting as it does giving
i'm so glad that they love each other in spite of their competitive sibling nature


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