The Beautiful Bluff

i found out we are approaching a full moon.  that also might be the reason for my current lunacy and moody broody rut that has me shut inside my crab shell, snapping at everything that comes near me.  that and i just got my rag.  ugh.  i hate being a cancer when i get stuck in these ruts.

i have been going to sleep a little bit earlier…  still trying.  i woke up today feeling better than yesterday, but my morning quickly took a bad turn.  it was back to my short fuse and horrible temper.  text fighting, the kids not listening to a damn thing i have said and yet repeating over and over the same questions that i have answered, finishing breakfast just in time to be asked for more food, trying to scrounge up more food from our empty fridge for lunch and school snacks and being late for school.

i don't know why i just can't get myself together.

and still.  at least, in my day to day failure to be someone i'm not, i continue to get up and try.

the sky was beautiful when i returned to the school to pick up the kids.  i had hoped to take a solo trip to "the stairs", as they are referred to between locals, but i ended up having a quick chat at Saara's instead followed by a quick tidy and tea at home.  up on English Bluff, there is a little lookout at Fred Gingell park that looks out to the Gulf Islands .  there are a set of stairs that lead down to the rocky beach below.  these stairs are very popular for many looking to get a great workout.  i haven't been down here in probably 12 years since my first time meeting kevin's Nana & Grandad who live up on The Bluff.  i decided to take the kids over.
like i said, the sky was beautiful
the lookout
 the stairs below
 mid-way portrait
 god, it really was just so beautiful today
 like his dad, moses immediately started chucking rocks into the water
 beach homes
i turned my back to find chloe with bare feet, ready to go into the water 
 i told her she needed to put them back on, but she refused
 she finally conceded after realizing that it really was winter despite being at a beach
 i so very much wish this was our home/cabin
 delta port
 i am trying to get more photos of this guy but he is like a little frog hopping from one place to the next. we are also struggling with the typical 4 year old overly cheesy smiles
 i finally started to giving myself a faux hawk after last week's clean up with Jade
 it was messy today.  i had swooped it up last night but the pomade i use is SO THICK and sticky that it did not fully come out even after 2 thorough shampoos.  i did not have time to jump in the shower to tame it so it's a little crazy here.
 i wonder if her hair is going to go even lighter this coming summer
my blonde little muffin

i'm so happy i made the effort to bring them here today.  we ended up having to leave early because chloe waded a little too far and got freezing cold water in her boots.  amazingly, she did not complain once.  she dumped the water out, took off her socks, and both kids walked ALL THE WAY UP without a single whine or complaint.  they had a fantastic time.



  1. beautiful photos phanie! sounded like a nice outing. xo


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