These Easy Days

today was better than yesterday.  and yesterday was a little more on the normal side of things.
i am thankful we have had dinners and playmates to look forward to this week.

we had KLF & Milos over for dinner last night.
we had dinner with The Stones & The Dionnes tonight.
and this morning was spent at Franc Depart with so many families i haven't seen for months, all with their tiny kids that have grown tremendously.  it was nice to see so many familiar faces that have helped me get through countless mornings over the last year.  following our mini drop-in at Franc Depart, we met The Hasties and The Crowles for drop-in gymnastics and a play in the skate bowl outside.
 sometimes i wish my kids were braver, but i have a feeling that if they were braver i would wish they weren't so brave.  i have to stop myself from peer pressuring them into doing things they don't want to do even if that includes the totally awesome tarzan rope that swings you into the foam pit.
Eve Bear
 the past two times we have hit the bowl (hahaha) moses acts as if he can not run up and climb up over the edge.  it is frustrating.  i know he can do it, but he cries and fake tries and it drives me nuts.
 we also had the pleasure of running into Mekhi who is probably the nicest boy in all of Ladner and Tsawwassen.  i met him at Christine's daycare.  he is so kind and and even tempered, looking out for others and going out of his way to help them out.  i'm sure he has his offdays but i haven't caught him on any of those days yet.   better get some tips from his mom...
 seriously.  helping Mr Whiny McWhinerson to climb when he is perfectly capable of doing it himself...
 check out these super sweet kicks
belonging to my fellow Cancerian buddy Miles.  this boy loves to rip it.  he has no fear and is a pretty talented breakdancer.  
  and his not-so-baby-anymore sister MaeMae!
 Erin, your kids have the best kicks 
then there's Chloe.  under her puffer coat she had a grey shirt with a rainbow heart and a fuchsia Minnie Mouse cropped bolero.  she was so stoked on her outfit and asked me if it was ok to wear it to gymnastics.   i could see in her face she was praying i wouldn't say no.  her frilly tutu was flying everywhere, making it easy to spot her from across the room.
sitting back and eating oranges while watching the boys
 as soon as everyone left, moses proceeded to show me how many times he could slide in and climb out of the bowl.  i don't understand this child sometimes.  is this part and parcel of the whole Gemini thing? or is it just part of being 4 years old?  or part of being a firstborn with a sibling, and a girl at that, only 18 months younger?  or all of the above?
it was really beautiful light today, so i hope you don't mind the variations i have shown here.  it was really fun playing with different tones and mood lighting.
lately, it has been really worrying me, wondering how this guy is going to do in the world.  he is so much like his father and knowing kevin's less than rosy childhood, it really freaks me out to think that Moses may get picked on.  i love that he is not a fighter (chloe took ALL of that…) but it worries me that he might not be able to stand up for himself when i'm not around.  i've really been trying to install a sense of worthiness in him, to have him defend himself and stand up to Chloe when she tries to bully him.  i explained to him a few weeks ago that i wouldn't always be around if someone else tries to push him around and i started crying a little.  chloe's response, of course, was to blurt out something COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS that made all of us laugh.  and in that moment, i saw the rest of our lives.  chloe forever blurting out ridiculous things to lighten up the mood.  sigh.  i hope i'm being crazy, i hope i'm wrong, i hope he will be ok in school.  he is such a homebody and he is so into his own ideas.  i'm so worried for kindergarten.
 what a goof.  i can't believe he pretended he couldn't do it in front of everyone for 20 minutes and then totally busted it out once they left.
 he's been super clingy lately which i'm not a fan of.  it irks me, but i'm trying to remind myself that he's going to be gone for 6 hours a day 5 days a week come September and those 9 months are going to be over so fast.  i'm trying to connect with him more in spite of the many things he's been doing that have been irritating me like crazy.
 sigh.  i wish i had taken photos last night during our dinner with KLF and Milos.  it was so much fun but i was so busy cooking and so happily intoxicated and exhausted at the same time, i just couldn't bring myself to bring out the camera.  i made another Shepherd's Pie for them to try out and while maowing down the much anticipated dinner, it occurred to us that this is the British version of a 7 layer dip except less layers.  you got the chips and you have the three layers of goodness to scoop.  4 if you add ketchup.
 amazingly enough, we had leftovers.  it was perfect after a busy morning and chilly play outside.
so good.

really enjoying this extended time off and so thankful i am feeling a little better.  
next session will be first weekend of February with Jade and family!



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