We'll always have Gingerbread Paris...

 i've been pretty laissez-faire about posting our Parisian Christmas
back when we were doing our kids' doodle gingerbread men, i jokingly told kevin he should make an Eiffel Tower instead of a gingerbread house.  and never one to backdown from a challenge, he pulled out the iPad and made a pattern to impress his wife, children and all the guests that came through our home over the holidays.  
 he would, of course, shrug his shoulders and point out all the flaws and imperfections of his creation just to be showered even more with compliments.
it sat on our counter until last week when i finally wanted some counterspace back in my life.  i moved it to a more child-accessible surface because i like to torture myself, kevin and the kids.
 of course i knew they would pick at it.  i found moses under the kitchen table a handful of times before realizing he was picking at the tower.  initially it was just chloe eating the icing.  they first began removing the lower horizontal pieces.  once those were gobbled up, leaving piles of crumbs on the floor, moses went for a leg.
and so stands our 3 legged tower.

suggestions for next year's gingerbread piece?
"London Bridge is falling down…" would be pretty fun don't you think!


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