Body Movin': Yoga & Dance

i can not believe it has been a year since Moses first started yoga.  time is beating me into submission.  

the kids don't love it.  they complain about it in advance.  even on days when they don't have school they feel the need to let me know that they don't like it and don't want to do it.
 i understand it more with moses.  i feel like the part of his brain that allows him to narrow in and focus when it comes to building and working with his hands, takes a hike when it comes to yoga.  chloe has the flexibility and the potential for it (moses has lost his flexibility), perhaps because she is a December baby, she has not yet accrued the level of patience and the attention span required.  these photos may look otherwise, but i assure you, both my children were the ones being reprimanded again and again.
 when they focus and pay attention, they are pretty good.  of course i only took photos of them doing the moves as opposed to flopping around on their mat goofing off with their teacher pulling them up...
Tree Stance.  Not too shabby
 I was pretty impressed with chloe's Eagle
 the long awaited savasana
 too boring for chloe
next year Moses will be in Kindergarten and Chloe will be on her own, hopefully not bossing around the new and younger crew of newbs.
she loves dance class every minute of every day except the morning of and every second leading up to actually physically being shooed into the class.  the mornings are a drag as she is so tired, not used to waking up as early throughout the week.  she can't move, she can't get changed, she doesn't want to wear anything, she changes her mind on her outfit 3 times, she doesn't want to eat, she doesn't finish her breakfast, and she fake cries as we hurry down the street and up to the studio.  it doesn't end there.  the long face continues as i seat her on the bench to change her into her ballet shoes.
 but once she's in, she' full on in.  she loves it.  she loves whatever the hell she is wearing that day and yesterday was really a great class for her.  she was totally happy and following and engaging in all the different activities.
 adjusting her sweatband
little does she realize she is doing snake pose from yoga and owning it.  perhaps i should explain to her that yoga is like slow/stretchy dance class?


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