Happy Year of the Horse!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!
we rang in the new year with golden noodles on Friday night
Saturday began with chloe's dance class.  though she is over the moon with her pink leotard, she kept her promise from last week to wear my old leotard from when i was 4 that my mom has kept for the past 25 years.  she also agreed to wear it with her sparkly gold tutu instead of my 25 year old tutu that she also prefers to all others.  she agreed to having little buns instead of her hair down and refused to wear a warmer jacket.
 kevin and i stayed up til 2am making these little horse streamer heads.  it was a rough awakening 6 short hours later for dance class.  we rushed back home to attach the hair, apply sparkles, the eyes and nostrils before meeting up for Dim Sum.
 i didn't take a lot of photos because i hate the lighting in restaurants and don't really want to piss off people using my flash.  also i have so many dim sum photos and they pretty much all look the same.
these photos of momo however, were too sweet to pass up. 
we did a few errands in Richmond after Dim Sum and happened to find this beautiful cheongsam for Chloe which she wore for the parade downtown today!
 we were late of course.  the traffic was horrible.  and yet, just as we were feeling at the very end of our rope after driving in circles with hundreds of other latecomers, we scored a sweet parking spot just down the road from the end corner of the parade!  we walked up quickly to find a spot.
 by the time we left the parade, we were about 4-5 feet from the curb as the crowds pushed forward
dragons and horses
the kids collected tonnes of envelopes with Hi-Chews and those other candies in the red wrapper that i actually really don't like.
 there were a variety of dancers throughout
LOTS of dragon dancing!
i was so angry.  switching my lens, i missed one of the dragons coming right up to chloe and scaring the crap out of her.  at least she pushed it away instead of turning away to cry.  this girl can hold her ground.
giant fans
so pretty!!!
 our first on-the-shoulders-at-a-parade photo
 it was freezing.  moses started getting anxious from the cold and it looked like it was going to be a lot of repeated imagery, so with the hopes of finding some soup spoons, we left our overcrowded corner and headed to Pender St.
 we made a pitstop.  one of the shops was selling fresh steamed buns outside to the chilly and hungry parade audience.  how very smart and convenient.
can't decide which one of these i love more.
  i found MINI kid sized soup spoons!  on our way back to pump the meter, kevin forced us to get some pie across the street at the aptly named The Pie Shoppe
the kids shared pear & cranberry while kevin and i shared his gluten-free CHOCOLATE PECAN.  dear god, if you are in the hood, try the chocolate pecan.  it's incredible.  the chocolate is kind of like pudding.  it's a super teensy tiny hole in the wall of a shop serving specialty coffee and pie. (teas also available but nothing fancy)  
  with still time on the meter, we walked down Union St to see what The Parker had on the menu.  we were stopped in our tracks by Harvest.  inside, we could see people were slurping up noodles.  i was freezing and there really was nothing else my body could have wanted more than a hot bowl of noodle soup.  i opened the door to be punched in the face by the familiar delicious aromas of asian noodle broth.  Harvest is a noodle house, grocery store and CSA Box provider, its aim to serve the small surrounding Chinatown-Strathcona community.
 i had ramen with pork shoulder, radish, candied bacon, egg, and watercress and the kids shared a bowl of udon noodles with sake kazu chicken, shiitake mushrooms and watercress.  
 when we had arrived, they had a string tied to a head of lettuce.  we thought nothing of it until one of the dragons from the parade came dancing down the street to the beat of drums.  the dragon came to eat the lettuce and there i was, front and centre with my bowl of soup.
 when will my reflection show, who i am inside? ha ha ha
 what a messy dragon...
check them out.

an exhausting day but so well worth it if but for the delicious new foods!

Wishing everyone luck and prosperity throughout the year!



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