Snow Days

the snow began Saturday and is still going.  a little crazy considering i had just gone out to Vancouver the day before and it was sunny and relatively warm.  we spent most of Sunday trying to reorganize the house before heading out to my in-laws to say hello and dump our stuffed compost box.  we made a pitstop at the high school to build a snowman and play in the giant fluffy snowflakes.
moses immediately requested  we build Icecream, his stuffed caterpillar
always eating snow
the most terrifying Caterpillar snowman
to our surprise, we woke up to more snow.  it has snowed all day today.
we had breakfast and headed out for the kids first ever sledding
Diefenbaker was beautiful
 the three of us did our first ride down together.  once we hit the bottom, Moses took off to scale and ride the hills as many times as possible.  chloe was stoked but definitely wanted her mama with her.
as nervous as i was about taking the camera, i whipped it out and snapped photos of chloe all the way down the hill.
i was so surprised at how much Moses loved sledding.  i was certain he was going to have something unpleasant to whine about and that we would have to head home.  he was on his belly after his second or third time going down on his bum.
he moved over to the adjacent hill and started going off a mini snow ramp on his belly
   i could not believe how brave he was.  this was so unlike him.  he also did not whine about having to climb up the mountain.  well he lamented over his tired legs, but it definitely wasn't the usual cry-baby whining.  i was so shocked he wasn't scared of the speed or the bumps or flying head first off a ramp.  
we had such a blast with them that we returned again with kev after dinner...
 chloe was SO SO lucky.  she didn't climb up the hill ONCE tonight.  her sweet daddy pulled her up over and over and over again.
BTW this is why i married this guy...
 … and why we are still married
the kids had the best day.  i had the best time with them.  Moses kept telling me how happy he was in between his current phase of telling me he loves me every 20 minutes and that he wished we could just do this all night long.  his legs and bum were hurting and he still kept begging for ONE MORE RIDE.  i think we're going to have to take him snowboarding…

feeling pretty damn grateful for these days.



  1. these are so beautiful. you make me wanna be a mom one day!

  2. oh darling, that makes me want to cry. thank you so much for such kinds words :) love you!!!!


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