The Weekend Goods: The City to The Boons

this is going to be a dog's breakfast of a post of yet another weekend-to-chill turned weekend-stuffed-with-plans.  not complaining, good times were had all around, but my body is definitely looking forward to some detox and relaxing tomorrow.  
we had Katherine and Baby Marilyn for dinner thursday.  we dropped the kids off at my mom's afterwards so i could enjoy a child-free lunch with my cousin Nik the following day at East is East on Main & 28th in Vancouver.
Spicy Almond Chai
testing testing
Nik: my mom's brother's eldest daughter.
Rice Bowl 
Half Ratatouille Half Lamb
Lion of the Desert Roti Roll
Peas, paneer cheese and potato mixed and spiced

dropped Nik off at work with 1 minute to spare then headed into Richmond to pick up the kids from my mom's.  my mom and a few of her co-workers share their homemade recipes every now and then and this week, my mom brought home this really nice gelatine dessert.  if you are not familiar with some of the traditional Asian foods, the orange raisin guy is a goji berry (high in antioxidants) and the faint white looking globs are longan which is a cousin of the lychee family.  i really loved this because it wasn't very sweet.  Jello is typically super high in sugar but i believe my mom said this one was made with cane sugar and clearly not a lot of it which was nice.  i have eaten both goji berries and longan since i was tiny but never in a dessert form like this so it was a quite the treat.
we rushed home to get TACO NIGHT ready for dinner guests KLF & Miles.
choice of chicken or chorizo.  remembered radishes and forgot the lettuce.
 i wanted to save this for an UPDATES post, but those never get posted.  i have a handful of half written UPDATES posts that i can never get around to finishing.  we have finally figured out what chloe really loves.  momo's interests were clear and obvious from the very start.  very cerebral very visual very orderly and logical and able to sit down and focus for long periods of time.  chloe has has shown ZERO attention span in comparison.  she has started using scissors early since it's just UNFAIR if her older brother can use them and she can't.  she loves cutting, they both love cutting, but on this evening, she surprised me by making a "crown" for KLF.  she cut a long strip of construction paper, snuck into my drawer for tape, and made a cylinder while i was cooking.
 the rest of the evening was spent making more accessories.  she made a pink cuff with a bunch of fringe, a ring and half a dozen earrings.  she sits.  she concentrates.  she critiques her own work, grimaces if it isn't right and then fixes it.  I AM SO HAPPY.  finally.  something she really loves that requires hand and eye coordination and a lot of focus.  she isn't just a crazy party pants.  phew.
moses has been transforming the lego trains into buildings.  please note the insane simplicity of his choice colours.  he and kevin made a modern house from a different freight car a few weeks ago that i keep forgetting to share.  he also designed/made this rocket shooter that opens half way on the bottom so that the "fuel" can fly out like confetti.  the cutting & confetti is a mixed blessing.
 up early saturday for dance class.  pre-dance snack of floating snowflakes!!!
 i love her
i love watching her dance
Dinner Party #3 chez Khara and Mark.  the kids ate first, served like kings.
 Arlo was the first to yank his straw from his juice box and shotgun the rest.  3 seconds later, all of them had abandoned their straws to throw back their juice box.  PEER PRESSURE.  in 10-12 years they will be around a table shotgunninig beers and chloe will probably crunch a can against her forehead to show everyone who is boss.
this was probably the best communal i have had in ages.  EVERYONE brought something and it all went together amazingly well!  we started off with an INCREDIBLE borscht while the kids ate their dinner.  Dinner: Strawberry Spinach Salad with Poppyseeds and baguette, melty ribs, amazing brussels with bacon and rosemary garlic potatoes.
i am going to have to get better at taking dinner photos of groups of people
 Em made gluten and dairy free raspberry lemon almond tarts with Coconut Vanilla Icecream.  i had two slices and 3 cookies.  Em is an AMAZING baker.  
 the babysitter arrived and had the kids' attention at once
 they didn't even respond to the crying baby in the middle of the floor
 cookies and a movie
this photo was probably taken at midnight.  we didn't leave til 12:30am after having printed and cut out Cards of Humanity.  i was a bad person…. and rewarded for it.

today's snow photos next on the menu...


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