Windy Day at Lighthouse Park

i look forward to Mondays.  they are my day off from our busy weekends.  often i like to just have a cozy day inside while i do a bigger clean of the home.  yesterday, was disgusting.  it was raining and blowing sideways that it really seemed a waste to stay inside today.  

the day started off ok.  then it got rough.  then panicked and stressed.  i've been pretty horrible at decisions regarding Moses' school for Kindergarten.  it was registration day at our 3rd school of choice from 9-12 this morning.  i arrived at 11:30am of course.  i brought his immunization booklet, his passport, his birth certificate but forgot proof of my address so they KNOW for sure which catchment area we are in.  seriously.  GO AWAY.  UGH.  i know i know, it's not them, it's me and my disorganized frazzled brain.  made a pitstop at Thrifty's for groceries, home for a quick lunch and then i got horribly depressed when i couldn't find anyone for a playdate.  i sat in my room against my door (it has no lock), crying and feeling shitty about myself until Caela called.  that helped a lot.  

finally around 3pm i managed to come out and get us ready again to pick up my package across the border at Point Roberts.  i figured, this was my last chance to make something of the day, so i brought the kids to Lighthouse Park once we picked up my package.
we haven't been here for almost 2 years since we first came with Neighbour Cait.
i was excited to get some shots of the crazy cabins and have the kids play hide and seek
we headed over to the rocky beach
i love these crazy looking skies.  it was super windy and the waves were crashing pretty loudly.
water in the boots = time to go home
so we got out for about a half hour today.  that was an achievement in itself.  

"It's truly remarkable how much I'm sucking at motherhood today. Yesterday too. I just can't seem to DO anything. I guess I'm just really, really tired. We went to the park for an hour. That's today's win. Sometimes the bar is low."
-Janelle from Renegade Mothering

i found a new mom blog that i am loving because she is also so very very honest and just tells it like it is.  this was her Facebook status today and i am quoting it for myself because it was pretty much how i felt my day went as well and also because it is very true: Sometimes the bar is low.  Sometimes the bar NEEDS to be low.

got some good photos.  bonus.



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