Cherry Blossoms

i've waited 365 to take these photos.  there is a lane in Tsawwassen that we often pass that is lined with cherry blossoms.  i failed to take advantage of them last year, but promised myself i would not let that happen again.  their short yet glorious lifespan welcomes Spring to us Vancouverites who have had it up to here with the long and dreary weather.  we know that Spring does not promise less rain or more sun, so the cherry blossoms are really a blessing in the rainforest we call home.

i've been going out of my way to drive passed this cherry blossom lined lane the last couple of weeks to make sure i don't miss their bloom.  out for a last minute grocery shop stop at 4:00pm, i slowed down to show the kids the trees and told them i really wanted to take photos of them there, but maybe another day.  Moses, who was excited by the idea convinced me otherwise.  i told him we had to rush home to get food in the fridge and i didn't have my camera with me anyway.  not taking NO for an answer, he told me we could drop everything off and get the camera.  it was actually a little bit sunny and knowing our luck with weather, the sun might not show up again until half the blossoms were gone, so i agreed.  

we went home, and while i unpacked the groceries and grabbed the camera bag, the kids got dressed up in princess dresses.  if you're going to take photos down a cherry blossom lane, princess dresses are the obvious choice of costume.  i couldn't believe our luck, there were NO cars parked down the street!



they had fun and now i can relax for another 365 days

just when i thought i had my cherry blossom fix for the year, i got really lucky.  two days later, i went into Richmond to meet up with my cousin in Steveston for an hour.  after our little meet up at Steveston Park i decided to make a quickstop at Winner's to see if they had more of this NARS face cleanser i really love.  through the check out, Em texted me that she was headed to Lions Park for a quickie if i wanted to join.  i was 20 minutes away, there is a HUGE cherry blossom tree at the park and just happened to have brought my camera.  sometimes things just work out.

the kids went straight to work yanking branches and making their own bouquets of white and pink 

Jess and Miyla joined us

i spent 90% of my time making crowns for everyone because really what else are you supposed to do with cherry blossoms?

bffs.  i hope they remember this and continue making crowns for themselves into their teens

going light

the hair obsession continues ...

it's not a Lions Park visit without some good hill rolling


stoked the boys wanted crowns as well

potty secrets

Carlyn + Brixton also joined us!

i'm in love with this guy.  and his name.  and his mom.

Spring Break has been kicking some serious ass.



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