DIY Ghostbusters Proton Pack

so it was Ty Gregs' 4th Birthday today
(son of Neighbour Cait)

he's newly obsessed with Ghostbusters.  the last time i was hanging out with Cait, i told her we would totally make him a proton pack.  i was skeptical this week whether it would actually happen and i am glad i decided to make the attempt last night at 7:30pm for his birthday party today at noon.  i grabbed a box and googled PROTON PACK.  kevin saw me struggling like the mechanically-challenged artist i am, and took over the project.  we both set out grabbing odds and ends of anything that looked like it had potential and in about 4 hours, everything was glued and sprayed in flat black.

Click here to see the rest of the details photos at  T H E   P A U H A U S !


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