Mom's Night Out: Salt & The Diamond

few of my local mamas and i have formed an official group for monthly get togethers.  the agenda was to get a name, but that went out the window pdq.  i packed my heels and my camera into my huge purse and bussed to Khara's where we were all to meet.  i forgot my flash but i guess it was better to not have an annoyingly blinding light with us though it would have definitely made for better photos.  normally i would have packed my Converse and worn my heels, but i'm a mom now and the less suffering i need to endure, the better.  i did actually attempt to walk to the bus top in heels and changed into my Converse halfway there just in case i needed to run.

i had half a cookie and a shot of coconut tequila before i caught the bus followed by a quarter glass of wine at Khara's.  that was pretty much all i needed for the entire evening.  we eventually got into the car and parked at River Rock to jump onto the sky train.
 yes, she is also a mom.  i know, i would totally tap her in half a second.

through Gastown

 you know you are old when you breeze by the clothing stores and spend 2 minutes staring wistfully into all the home furnishing and decor shops.


Blood Alley

Our first stop: The Salt Tasting Room

Everyone enjoyed a flight of wine while i sipped my water

Charcuterie at its best

The Diamond

I finally changed into my heels.  Khara joined me.  HA!

I really love this place.  Would be so fun to be able to have a private party in this room.

Lolas for Em and I
(because we both love ginger)

My Ladner Blondes

Guac & Salsa and Ceviché

it was probably about midnight when i had my first of two blackout scares.  i knew i shouldn't have worn that super tight bra with the super tight pants.  I'M NOT 23 ANYMORE!  lesson learned.

the sky train was no longer running and cabs don't take more than 4 passengers so we ended up taking a limo home.  indeed i changed back into my comfy Cons.  WEAK or SMART?  both.

i was hungover the entire following day.  i decided at 11:30am to hit the beach with the kids while kevin was over playing handyman at Lindsay and Neil's.  i didn't get to the beach until about 4pm.  we stayed for an hour.  the kids played happily while i wrapped myself in a blanket and read my book behind sunglasses and my widest brimmed hat.

nights out are so great.  you have a fabulous time being your pre-mom self and feel refreshed enough to tackle motherhood again.  one night goes a long way and nothing ends a night out better than coming home to these beautiful people snug in their beds and kissing them a million times goodnight.


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