Noms: Spicy Pork Noodles & Kale-Fig Grilled Cheese

back and feeling good, much more like my normal self.  it's amazing how much weight has been lifted from my shoulders and mind after hitting that low.  i am working on another follow-up post to the previous New Low / New Look post, but for now let's dig in to some food!

when this bon appétit hit the shelves, i immediately b-lined towards the giant bowl of noodle soup and flipped to find the ingredients/directions to assess the level of difficulty.  EASY.  PIECE OF CAKE or rather BOWL OF NOODLES.  that was at the beginning of the year…  i kept meaning to just find it online and of course after a while it had completely vanished from my brain.  i've been taking out magazines from the library to find new recipes and low and behold, the same noodles seduced me and i took them home.

we had a buttload of kale in the fridge that needed to be used, so i skipped the mustard greens.  it was simple to make and to be honest i was a little disappointed but slurped up two bowls along with everyone else.  it was good, definitely good and i will definitely make it again, but the broth was not as complex as i was hoping.  probably why it was so quick and easy…  kevin and the kids loved it so it's passed the test and now i can cross it off my list of things to make.

i know i have posted this once or twice before but i'm doing it again anyway because i love it and everyone else who has tried it has loved it.  one person in particular coined it as "stoner food" which is to say it gets an A+.  here is moses below to help demonstrate the yumminess of what has become the signature grilled cheese of our home!  the mix of salty and sweet added to the toasty warm bread and perfectly melted cheese is the best snack for these cold days.

Earth Balance Coconut Spread
Fig Spread
Mozzarella Cheese
1 Stalk of Kale per Sandwich

1.  Heat teaspoon of coconut spread in a pan medium/low
2.  Tear off kale from centre stalk and sauté until cooked through, about 5 minutes
3.  Add coconut spread to the outer sides of your bread and add thin layer of fig spread to the inner sides.  The spread is quite sweet so a little goes a long way.
4.  Add your shredded mozzarella or cheese substitute
5.  Top with kale.
6.  Close your sammie and add to the pan, letting each side cook on medium/low for about 2-3 minutes or to your liking.
my little man is growing so fast.  we have unearthed a bunch of old videos of moses from when he was under two years of age and saying nothing but DAH! and BAH! and nononononono.  he's so full of life and joy.  he's my number one guy when it comes to photos, so easy, so patient and so willing to take direction.  after about a full week of wearing 4 of chloe's dresses, he's simmered it down to some fluffy wings with his jammies.
so soft.  oh yeah, onto the grilled cheesy.
  testing out the cheese factor
  looking good
check out that stretch!
still going!
love at first bite
i know i use these plates all the time.  tell you what, i'll start using different plates when i find some that are as totally awesome and badass.  yes i'm open to suggestions.  good luck.
  "look, mom!  it's his pirate hat!"
couldn't do that with just ANY plate now, could you?
momo likes his cut into two large pieces whereas chloe and i enjoy the dainty 4 triangles


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