One Pan Pasta Fail

 had high hopes for this 20 Minute One-Pan-Pasta recipe from Martha Stewart.  i wasn't expecting a WHAM BAM NEW FAVOURITE, but i was hoping for a good place from which to develop something that looked relatively quick and easy to throw together on a lazy/rushed evening.  the magazine photo looked similar to this one, bright colours and potential for greatness.  i decided to add mushrooms and leftover butternut squash to fill our bellies a little more.
 the first mistake i made was leaving the pot to boil to check my email in the office where i, of course, got sucked into 5 other things.  by the time i remembered the boiling pot, it was too late.  things had gone sideways.  the gluten-free spaghetti that i remembered to pick up on the way home had began to stick to the bottom while the ones on top hardly had any water.  additionally, the pasta was not being moved around and began to stick and started releasing a bunch of that starchy grossness.  UGH.

i began working the noodles, spreading them and mixing them as much as possible, and trying to get them to cook as evenly as possible.  it looked so disgusting i decided to add crushed tomatoes to it just to make it look a little less like vomit.  it tasted pretty sad.  the starchy goo was just yuck and i was so angry to have ruined something that was supposed to be so simple.
once i had the noodles mostly separated, i transferred them to another pot.  thought i would share the original pot with you for a laugh.

you win some, you lose some.
i resist the temptation to throw this one out since it was my fault.
i will attempt this recipe one more time.


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