Spring Break

it's been a great start to Spring Break.  though it does mean the kids are not busy with school, it does mean that we can schedule time to spend with friends without juggling everyone's specific school times.  we've coasted through this week on great get-togethers, delicious food, and even a little quality time with kevin.
Tera & Kat joined us over at Taryn's on wednesday for a full house of kids.  Liz upstairs also joined us with her two boys.  after prepping snacks and lunch for the kids, we hit the front stairs and then returned to the chaos to enjoy our own little feast, complete with desserts that Tera had brought from her favourite bakery.  we eventually headed out down the street to the park to get some fresh air in our lungs.  moses has been really surprising me these days.  my rule-abiding conservative mini-man had no qualms joining tree-climbing Kat.  i have a feeling they will be snowboarding buddies one day.
Taryn's mom has been sewing up a storm of incredibly beautiful animal costumes including this My Little Pony inspired cape.  i really wish i didn't suck so much at sewing.

it was such a lovely afternoon with Vancity mamas that i don't get to see as often as i'd like.  i wish i had taken more photos of the day, but i'm constantly toying with whether or not to take the camera out or to just ENJOY these wonderful times.
back to back plans, next on was dinner at Lindsay & Neil's new home.  already out in Van, kevin joined us after work, pulling up right outside their window.
typical art student meal
oh, i completely forgot to mention that Taryn had dyed Hanna's tips with some Manic Panic.  i freaked out and asked if we could put some in chloe's hair as well.  having a bunch leftover in the mini tub, Taryn gave Chloe and Kat some pink streaks in their hair!!!!  Chloe was stoked, but her mom who has never ever dyed her black asian hair was giddy giddy as all hell.
i am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with it!!!!!  
please do not be shocked to see an excessive amount of hair photos over the 3 week lifespan of the dye.  i apologize in advanced… ok, no i'm actually not sorry at all.
the moment we walked in, i was welcomed by lindsay and then by the familiar smell of soup.  i guess it's pretty obvious that i am in love with noodle soup?  while Neil was busy in the kitchen doing up a vegetarian pot of broth for dinner, lindsay gave me the tour.  i am a complete idiot for not taking a photo of the magical light that she gets pouring through her bedroom windows.
Bok choy, eggs, baked tofu, and vermicelli in a warm cozy broth.  SO GOOD.
thank you so much for having us over!  love you both!  look forward to having you over when the weather is warmer for bonfires at the beach!!!

we arrived home late around 11pm and then up again for more spoiling.  Khara invited me and Em over with the kids for the best French Toast i've ever tasted and now need to attempt and master.
green teas and mega healthy smoothies all around
so apparently it's vanilla and orange juice that is added that makes the entire house smell like sweet heaven.  i think i can handle that.  SO DELISH.  i don't know what i'm going to do this coming week when it's my turn to host…  HOW AM I GOING TO CLEAN MY HOUSE.
Kai: cutest. boy. everrrrrrr.
after our amazing brekkie, everyone headed into the backyard to enjoy the arrival of Spring

we had another back to back day meeting Saara, Nick and Leila for their first Tandoori Kona dinner experience.  as expected, everyone ate too much and then kept going back for more!  

we dropped the kids off at my mom's for the night and finally sat down to watch The Wolverine that kev had rented at the beginning of the week.  we had a good talk.  these talks are far and few between and whatever mending we achieve, often struggles to keep itself intact until the next time.  we are trying to reconnect and i am happy that we are trying.  i got up with him this morning when i could have slept an extra two hours.  i poached a pair of eggs for us and we hugged and kissed goodbye.  this never happens… ever.  it was so nice and worth the two hours of lost sleep.  i've been wanting to wake up earlier anyway.  

i had a lovely morning to myself.

listened to Breakfast at Bouchon Bakery on Songza while enjoying a HOT cup of green tea and the book i've been reading: Bringing up Bébé.  I drank 3 cups of water while tidying up the kids room and then headed out for a run and groceries.  Had a healthy lunch of carrots, cucumbers, cheese, apple and almond butter and coconut milk.  it was a truly ideal morning.

this afternoon has been a bit of a struggle with some logo work but it's good.  kevin is cooking dinner and i can't wait to pick up the kids and smother them with hugs and kisses.

Happy Friday!  Hope everyone is enjoying their Spring Break!


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