Spring Selfies

was taking a few selfless to capture the army green / soft pink scarf / Pink Kashmir lipstick / undone hair look that was happening before heading out for a walk to pick up groceries when the inevitable happened…

i got to SNAP number 5 when the clowns came rolling in

Mr Sugar Sweet

Little Miss Spice

that's all

my hair is growing.  part of me wishes i kept is shaved for a little bit because the rush of freedom was second to none.  i should have relished it a little more before going through the 4 months of super awkwardness and now it's pretty much a bob!    i could totally have bangs and round out the back to have a perfect bob.  going to see Jade on saturday for a clean up…  tempted to shave the sides.  i've really been loving the length over the last 2 months.  thinking i'll keep it for a while before entering the next stage of awkward growth.



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