Weekend Snaps

it's march.  january is 84 days long and february is about 20.  suddenly, march arrives and the calendar is quickly filled with birthdays birthdays birthdays.

we missed dance class yesterday because i decided "thinking it was Spring Break"  was a good enough confirmation as to whether or not she had class.  of course, i was wrong and received Em's text as to my whereabouts about 15 minutes into the class.  this means that Spring Break starts next week, which means a total of 3 weeks that chloe does not get to dance.  i realize it's not a big deal, but it took so long to find things she actually loved that would hold her attention!  i love watching her dance.  i love how focused she is, i love how she watches her teacher and really puts all her energy into every move.  i love it and i love how much she loves it.

it's over.  time to move on.  kevin made waffles.   we were out of syrup so he made some from the frozen strawberries and blueberries we had kicking around for smoothies.

hair hair hair hair hair
this is my new little nephew.  he is 10 days old.

had a lazy saturday, cleaning and baking at home, followed by our weekly Saturday night dinners at my in-laws.  today we headed into Richmond for Devin's 5th Birthday party and then home again.  i'm currently busy working on a few logos for new clients.  kev kept the kids out of my hair and after a lamb and lentil soup for dinner, we went out for a walk/bike ride around the neighbourhood.

can't wait for summer. looking forward to Sunday Firepits at the Crowle's, bonfires and endless days at the beach, picnics with Em at the farm, long summer evenings for more walks and bike riding (hopefully we can get the kids to bike to the beach!)….  it's going to be a good one!


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