Call Me Mellow Yellow

i was born in the wrong decade.

gearing up for MADMEN'S Final Season starting this sunday, Songza had a few Madmen inspired playlists on the concierge.  I went with Sally's Secret Dorm Party because it's really just who i am: Sally may be sneaking cigarettes, booze, and boys into her dorm room, but her heart still belongs to the sweet and innocent hits of Top 40 AM radio.

i love Fridays.  they are almost like a free day after the long awaited action packed Thursday Socials.  yesterday was Khara's turn to host the communal brekkie: scrambled eggs, Em's gluten free pancakes recipe, and fruit.  we headed to Lions Park with cheese quesadillas and a large fruit and veggie platter.  it's my week again coming up!

Fridays are a coin toss.  we either make an adventure out of the day or just stick around town and keep things mellow.  the morning started with a mix of scrambled eggs, quinoa and sautéed mushrooms followed by opening an Easter package from my sister.  these kids be spoiled.

we biked into town to return library books and pick up a few more before heading to Winskill Park.  the books were heavy and after an hour of hauling my backpack of books and camera while cheerleading the little bikers, i convinced myself that i deserved a chai latté.

Dear Kindergarten

Please be kind to my little guy

Worried as Hell

Why so serious?

i have Em to thank for helping me prep food for outings.  it's stressful enough to get everyone fed and and out the door within a timely manner, but often, by the time we are ready, lunchtime is just an hour away!  being the thrifty Asian i am in conjunction with a fully stocked fridge, i consider it a waste to eat on the run.  i have a mini chopping board and mini knife (with a protective sheath!) that i bring so that i can slice and chop veggies and fruits at our final destination while they play, which shaves a good 15 minutes of frustration at home.  this allows me to not stress about what/when they will eat on our outing, it gets me out of the house faster, and i also get to enjoy some peace and quiet while they run around at the park.

i renewed Eat Pray Love as I have only made it up to section 2 of 3 where she leaves Italy for India.  the kids snacked and ran around while i finished up my latte, fingered the leftover bowl of DIY maple-cinnamon almond butter and read my book.  yes, as a matter of fact, i did say DIY maple-cinnamon almond butter!  mix cinnamon and a drop of maple syrup into your almond butter to jazz it up, but be careful because it is HIGHLY addictive.  tastes fantastic with ambrosia apples.  do it.

having only renewed the heaviest books and feeling my neck tire from the camera around my neck, i was grateful once again that our journey home is downhill.  it's the one thing that makes a big difference once the kids are tired from biking up and playing at the park and my patience is creeping up on EMPTY.  we had left home around 11 and didn't get back home til 2:30pm, so we were all tired as hell.

I set up my altar, had a mini toke and found Sally's Secret Dorm Party on Songza

have yet to love my little incense cabin less than the first day i laid eyes on it

my love for old music goes back to the days of 650 CISL.  it was my mom's go-to station and over the last 25 or so years of my life, i know my oldies like the back of my hand.  my dad was more of a Rock 101 guy, but he also enjoyed dancing and singing to his share of Rolling Stones.  the Oldies will always connect me to my parents.  kevin's family is big into the oldies as well, so kevin shares the same appreciation.  we were both definitely born in the wrong era, hence all the mid-century furniture we've bought or found on craigslist, at thrift shops or on Spring Cleaning weekend and kevin's collection of vintage cars.  omg i can't wait for MadMen!!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone



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