Happy Birthday Lola Bear

Harvest @ 243 Union Street

what a fantastic weekend!  kevin and i spent Saturday afternoon together while the kids went over to my uncle's for a birthday lunch for my mom.  we did some fun errands, enjoyed a bowl of noodles at Harvest and a slice of chocolate pecan pie from The Pie Shoppe, met up with Sally and checked out some stores FOR PLEASURE.   i can't remember the last time we were out for an afternoon ENJOYING ourselves the way we used to on weekends prior to having kids.  we returned to Tsawwassen to have a family dinner with kevin's immediate family and his Nana and Granddad who just returned from their 4 month cruise.

I brought kevin to Steveston Village Vietnamese Restaurant a few weeks ago and he's been talking about it ever since.  this is the guy that never ordered the pho for years up until i made it at home a few months ago.  he always ordered the dry vermicelli bowl with meat and veggies, but he's finally come over to the other side.  for the last week, he has been looking for an excuse to go back to have the noodles that taste unlike any other.  they are softer somehow…  

he made pancakes for breakfast and after a little tidying up, we headed to Steveston for a play at the park and pho for lunch!


glorious.  so glorious.  
we both ordered a large and the kids cleaned up a large between themselves.
i ordered the local free range chicken and he ordered the rare beef.

we headed to the dike to walk off our full bellies

it was also my mom's birthday!
we headed home to get her birthday dinner going, starting with the cover salad on this month's alive magazine: Sweet and Spicy Quinoa, Cabbage and Apple Salad.  Quinoa, chickpeas, red cabbage, Granny Smith apple chunks, scallions and toasted almond and parsley.  dressing was super light and just as it is described: sweet and spicy!  colourful, fresh, crunchy and light, this salad will be showing up throughout the Spring and Summer!

i don't know how kevin manages to pull recipes out of his butt but he does.  he made this a number of weeks ago and i loved it so much.  of course, he didn't write down how he made it so he had to make it up again (and he still hasn't written it down…) but it turned out just as delicious as the first time.  pan-seared halibut on rice with a light Thai coconut curry sauce, topped with shredded carrot and toasted sesame seeds, red chili pepper and garlic.

dessert was humble but delicious.  gluten-free chocolate cupcakes from our previous dinner topped with Coconut Bliss ice-cream, pineapples, mint and lime zest.  not too shabby using what we had!

nobody complained.  a lovely evening had by all.


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