Spring Break Week 3

Spring Break was fantastic.  i love not having a schedule to adhere to and i took great advantage of it knowing that come September, my life is going to be marching to the beat of Kindergarten.  i truly don't mind having the kids at home.  honestly, i thought that having 2.5 hours to myself twice a week while they are in preschool was going to be a godsend but it actually is a damning-into-hell.  so thank god i can only afford twice a week for both of them right now.  i hate having to prep snacks and now i am going to have to prep snack AND lunch forever and ever and ever.  the school years are a lot of years of one's life.

i missed yoga.  i was stoked to have two week's off.  only because i am perpetually stressed about my poor time management skills.  my body, on the other hand, has been twisted and unhappy without its weekly release and low-impact challenges.  two days in a row of guests.  saved a fellow mom yesterday from losing her mind.  Katherine escaped her boons to enjoy an hour of sunshine with us at Centennial followed by warm cozy shepherd's pie (probably the last one until next Fall) and her first Four Winds beer.  today was a high school buddies day.  Sally is visiting from Toronto.  She and Ainge arrived at noon, came with me to drop the kids off at school, we hustled over to the Four Winds Brewery in Tilbury, bought beers, went grocery shopping, and managed to get home for a quick lunch before picking up the kids and going to the beach.

it was chillier today than with Katherine yesterday.  we came home and Sally peaced out just before Natalie arrived after work for the Halibut Taco Dinner.

note:  i have a lot of friends that love beer, hence the enthusiasm with the Four Winds.  i don't enjoy it quite as much due to my poor Asian tolerance of beer + wine, but i am insanely obsessed with the artist Andy Dixon who did all the design/packaging AND who is currently doing really well with his crazy paintings that i wish i could afford.

the girls were stoked to taste all the different beers before buying their favourites.  my fave is the IPA which, no surprise, is the sweeter of the bunch.  i could definitely be down with the occasional beer.

i had a major downer Sunday evening.  it began in the afternoon and slowly progressed until i was having a mega anxiety attack around 11:30pm.  i was so afraid to wake up the next morning but super happy and relieved that i had plans to visit Renée and Myla.

it was a beautiful day

this girl is going to be one badass queen of cool

decked out in DIY studded GAP vest and hanky-bib sewn by her styling Mama

unbearably cute with her Daddy's giant brown lusciously lashed peepers

the early days are hard.  and then you forget them entirely.  you look back on these days and can hardly recognize the walking talking sassing tiny people they turn into. 

that was wonderful.  with all the uncertainty that has been plaguing me these days, i was happy to have social activities to keep my mind and body busy.  in addition to keeping good company this week, i also received a bunch of last minute business.  i did my first boudoir shoot on Tuesday which i'm very happy with, i had a second gig this morning taking photos of a home for our realtor (and a third one to follow…), a consultation for portraits tomorrow with an amazing Freshman with whom i worked at Thrifty's followed by an appointment with a fellow working Mom whom I met at Project Bloom to help revamp her website.  And of course there are 3 logo designs that i have been juggling the past couple of weeks.

it feels good to be busy.  after two guest dinners, i'm looking forward to Thursday breakfast over at Em's place.  my first hosting of the Thursday Breakfasts went great!  i managed to push out 12 poached eggs for the 3 mamas and 6 kids.  kids had a good time making booby-traps.

another dog's dinner post.  life is good.  progress progress progress.  i really need to take more control of my diet and exercise, especially if i'm going to be wearing a bathing suit in May but there are a lot of parties coming up and it is really a challenge to not give in.  SELF CONTROL.


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