we are 16 going on 17...

the family got their hurr did on saturday.  i'm going to continue rocking the short doo for a while longer before i venture into BOB land.  not quite feeling ready for the bang-and-bob look just yet...  

kevin, feeling pretty good about his new cut and shave got in on the selfie action.


this guy is my rock.  i realize i am not the most horrible person on this planet though i might sometimes feel otherwise, but for 17 years i have wondered why this handsome son-of-a-gun has stuck around with Ms Crazy Pants.   

more and more, i think we realize that in spite of not agreeing on everything and having different tastes, our base personalities really balance each other out.  the crazy social butterfly in me pulls him out of his shell, and his conservative methodical calm keeps me grounded and out of trouble. 

we are written in the stars.  scorpio + cancer are supposed to be one of the most compatible of the signs and after 17 years of ups and downs i have much faith that we will be able to weather the years of future storms and take great joy in the good seasons of this marriage.

we will be staying over  a night in San Diego on our annual trip to visit my sister in Cali.  i can't wait.  i can't wait to chill on the beach and just let go and just be with kevin and my sister while the kids have a ball.

so blessed.


  1. oh wow wow congrats you guys!! ps i love you hair like this phanie... beautiful couple, here's to many many more years of happiness together! xo

  2. Thanks darling :) It's weird to love a haircut I've never had. I'm surprised at how much I'm digging it. I've been thinking of ideas for our Creative Day!


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