Constant Cravings

Bonjour le monde.

it feels great to have announced this pregnancy, if but for the single purpose of being able to share up-to-the-minute cravings and moans and groans of how nausea is ruining me and the family dynamic.  so far i have two days where i've been virtually nausea-free!!!!  today and last friday, God took mercy on me and inverted my nausea hours into normal-phanie hours and vice versa.  normally it's nausea all day with maybe 2 hours of freedom and clarity that allow me to function.  i have to say, i am immensely grateful Moses and Chloe are older, independent and are able to keep one another busy and away from me.  I am grateful that i am able to stay in bed as long as i please up until almost 10am which was very much not the case the last time i was pregnant.  NOPE.

Moses was only 11 months old when i was suffering through my first trimester nausea and monster headaches.  he couldn't walk, he couldn't talk, he had nobody to distract or play with him;  he was a freaking baby and he needed ME ME ME ME ALL. EFFING. DAY. LONG.  and when he needed me, he didn't just happily trot up to me and say "Mummy may i please have some milk?", it was stumble over, grab and cry (or some other irritating sound).

my schedule is pretty relaxed which also really helps with the nausea.  nothing is worse than feeling like you've been hit with a shivering-beside-the-porcelain-in-Vegas hangover knowing you not only need to feed two children three balanced and healthy meals, but you also have a bunch of appointments you need to be on time for.  i can handle school twice a week.  i can handle yoga once a week.  that's all i got and thank god.

speaking of the healthy meals, they have taken a backseat.  so many things that i loved eating have become my greatest enemies.  my sense of smell is out of control.  though today was a non-nausea day, i was having a shitty time with opening the fridge and the garbage.  the cantelope was the fridge culprit.  kevin has JUST removed it from our premise but i can still smell it lingering.  and garbage is… garbage!  kevin has been emptying it every 2-3 days because i just can't take it.  i can't smell onions, garlic, ginger, herbs, or basically anything that makes food taste delicious and i can smell them a million miles away.  i can't cook from scratch.  i attempted to cut up a red and green pepper last night and even with a bandana around my face, the smells infiltrated the fabric and made me gag.  tonight, we went out for pho, FOR PHO!!!!,  and I ORDERED SALAD ROLLS while everyone else slurped up delicious noodles.  the broth that usually brings me so much peace and happiness was absolutely REPULSIVE!!!  the bowls arrived and immediately, i had to cover my face to protect it from the onions that were viciously attacking my olfactory system.

a food lover repulsed by food.  sigh.

Current List of Cravings

popcorn chicken from KFC
McNuggets and McChickens
chips are sooooo delicious (BBQ or Salt + Vinegar)
Chow Mein (mmmmm the crunchy noodles….)
BBQ Pork Fried rice (NO GREEN ONIONS)
Potstickers from Hon's
Ramen from Harvest - though i'm not sure if i'll have issues with the broth…
Ribs (preferably with cornbread…)
Can't say no to hotdogs
Actually I would probably eat a salad with nuts and cranberries and carrots.  i should try that.
Still eat at least two cara cara oranges a day with toast
Chocolate covered almonds
Lemon Sorbet
Hot chocolates have replaced my usual love for tea.  Only the instant stuff with hot water.

i ate fish and chips at the beach today while lindsay ate veggies and hummus.  fml.

let's stop there for now because i'm sure this list could go on forever.  i'm just glad that jenice's craving for Sardines with Oranges is not on that list.  holy god, my farts would be so bad and i would die from smelling my own farts.   speaking of which, it feels like i have more or less passed the weird digestive/gassy issues that were causing me stomach pains.  i hate how i'm craving gross things that make my farts smell worse than my normal rosy farts and how i need to run away so i don't smell them.  the worst, of course, is when i'm in bed and i have to have my ass hanging out of the blanket and have to use the blanket to fan it away while still holding my breath because i'll still be able to smell it from 100 yards.

so yeah.  pregnancy is not fun.  i will say, i am grateful that i am nauseous with headaches and do not actually vomit 2-6 times a day.  i have been told, it is not like puking after drinking too much and then feeling better.  you puke and you still feel nasty and nauseous.  i very honestly do not know how some women are able to go through with their pregnancies barfing so much.  huge props to Christine P who puked numerous times a day for the full 9 months with both her children.  i would totally use that to guilt-trip them when they get into their teen years.

i need to buy a Bella Band.  my jeans hurt too much when i zip them up.  i also need to find the pregnancy tights.


  1. aiyahhhh!!!! oh man your list of cravings just made me crave all of that too. haha! hey for pregnancy tights, i wore these american apparel ones that have like a giant elastic waistband that folds up over your tummy! these ones:

    they were really comfortable!

    i hope you grow out of the nausea phase soon, my friend!!!! xo

  2. SWEET!!!!!! The Ingird and Isabel brand preggo tights are like $70-80, so maybe i'll check these out at AA first and see how cozy they are! Thanks Lyndsay!!!



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