Freedom Fries

Sunday May 27

i'm frightened.  i'm breathing deeply, trying to smooth out the wrinkles of anxiety that no doubt will not help this nausea.  today is worse than yesterday and i am praying it does not worsen.  i have been bed and couch ridden pretty much the entire day except for a few tiny pockets of time.

kevin cooked up some eggs and kale with a little cheese and some shallots and it smelled like he was melting a giant pot of butter and onions.  my nose smells everything and tells my stomach that it might be a good idea to run to the washroom but my stomach fights back, refusing to make any sudden movements that might actually cause me to vomit.

i hid under my blankets trying to keep the smell from invading the pores on my face and seeping into my face muscles.  i finally yelled

"IT'S SO STINKKKYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" from bed.

kevin came in, opened the window all the way and made cut me up an orange with two pieces of coconut-spread toast and a mug of hot water.  i don't think i left the bed until 10am.

i had just under 2 hours of relief, cleaning as much as i could while kevin ran some errands.  i put on my favourite Songza list "Dancing with Myself" and invoked my inner Patrick Chan, doing silly dances with the kids in between cleaning.  my time ran out just after lunch was made.  moses did a fantastic job slicing up bananas and spreading the almond butter and strawberry jam.  chloe placed all the sliced bananas on the sammies, all i had to do was cut them up.  i look forward to their ability to make these completely on their own.

i have spent the rest of the afternoon on my bed and on the couch.  around 4pm, my body finally decided it could probably stomach eating a basket of the french fries from the Centennial Beach Cafe.  not McDick's fries, not White Spot fires, only the Beach Cafe fries would do.  kevin kindly took a break from getting the last of our taxes together to fetch them for me.

i snuck them under my robe so the kids wouldn't see and i maowed those guys down.

i'm still feeling sick but at least i am able to walk around the house and do minimal activity.

i can't believe that last week was the Easter Brunch and i wasn't feeling the slightest bit sick.  7 days later i am now unable to do anything for hours at a time.  i hope today was the worst because i don't know how i am going to get through this week, let alone the next 6+ weeks of first trimester.


  1. When I was pregnant with Hanna it was the grilled cheese sandwiches from the hospital cafeteria. NO OTHER GRILLED CHEESE WOULD DO.

  2. LOL it's hilarious how SPECIFIC these cravings are. at first i told kevin "i don't care, wherever!" and then he gave me the serious eye telling me "ARE YOU SURE??? Tell me now or else you get what you get…."


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