Good Morning Sickness

Sat April 26

My body is getting into baby mode faster than I would have expected.  It's been a week since we found out (6 weeks) and nausea has not only settled in but ramped up since about Wednesday.  i messaged my good friend Pierre who provided me with relief through acupuncture with Moses and Chloe.  he came over this afternoon and filled me with needles.  funny how i only remembered having a single tack in my ear and not the other 12 needles in my feet, arms, forehead, head and 5 in my ear in addition to the tack.

already my stomach feels queasy, my sense of smell has heightened, and my food aversions have come into full swing.  my body is craving Vitmain C.  i'm into oranges and pineapple accompanied by toast with coconut spread.  kevin made gluten free pizza last night and the smell of the raw dough was so strong and cheesy and yeasty i had to hold a shirt over my face until he had popped all 4 crusts into the oven.  tonight, i could smell the vanilla extract in my mother-in-law's cookies that she often serves with after-dinner tea.  there is little that seems appetizing so i'm not eating as much as usual which is probably a good thing.  i also haven't had my typical unhealthy cravings so far and i am praying to god that they do not return.  i've been eating so healthy and i am so afraid that my cravings for McChickens and IKEA meatballs will return full throttle and leave me thrashing in bed exorcist style for dire want of sugary-salty processed food.  as any pregnant woman knows, these cravings will not subside until fulfilled and the timeframe between is a truly punishing experience for all those involved...

i'm tired.  i'm pretty good in the mornings, but that first trimester knock-out at 7-8pm is quite the blow making any level of concentration all but impossible.  the upside being, i'm actually in bed early!!!

so far i have not experienced the paralyzing headaches that are usually coupled with the nausea and for that i am thankful and praying they skip this pregnancy.

the kids are happy.  we officially shared the happy news with them on Thursday evening over dinner.  we attempted to involved them by asking them for names and of course all we got was a list of rhyming  gibberish ie. Focky Locky, Fooky Dooky, Tu-Tu, etc…  my mom was having them for a sleepover that same evening.  i hadn't planned anything fantastic, not with the nausea and zombie-fog-brain.  i had them whisper the good news into my mom's ear to which my mom replied

"What?...  Really?…  She's cooking again?"

we told my in-laws tonight during our weekly dinner.  chloe half bursted out the news before everyone was at the table and my father-in-law and i had to cover her mouth and stop her.  kevin had told him earlier that day when they drove out to Langley to check out a station wagon.  chloe announced it again, the response being "oh my, let's not start that rumour!" since it could not possibly be true.  adding to the surprise is the timing of the grandkids

Moses - May 2009

Andie - March 2010
Chloe - December 2010

Seaghan - March 2014
Number 3 - December 2014

the kids have been so sweet.  last night when saying my goodnights, they both gave my belly a little rub  on their very own.  it was the sweetest surprise to feel momo's little-big hand sneak down out of my huge to give the baby a little rub.  he is not quite as into babies as chloe so it really took me by surprise.  i am so excited to have photos with them and my big belly.  i can't wait.  i'm also so excited to do a little clothing shopping and let them pick things out.  i'm overjoyed that they are old enough to understand and participate in this last pregnancy.  i'm so happy to have this experience with them, to have brought them up so close in age for the past few years and now they get to contribute to this final addition to our family.



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