Lucha Momo: Momo's 5th Birthday Party

first things first, a giant THANK YOU to KLF who made this party possible during this first trimester of nausea and dysfunction.  if she had not already started creating the masks for the 20 odd kids that would be attending, i would have cancelled the entire party.

she created all the masks in different colours, sizes and designs along with a variety of coloured foam glittered adhesive shapes for the kids to decorate and customize upon arrival.  she came over Friday evening and finished decorating the giant Luchador Head piñata after cutting and applying all the beautiful eye pieces to the masks.  kevin sat down making champion belts with custom names that we got from a Luchador name generator for all the kids.  i was in the kitchen cutting up all the fixings for the tacos.

a huge thanks to Kevin for grabbing all the groceries, cooking the hot food and setting everything up while KLF, the kids and I went for Dim Sum the morning of the party.

mega thank you to Taryn for bringing her camera and capturing the bulk of the party so that i could actually enjoy my time at the party for once!

thank you to my mom for helping with the food and bringing the giant punch bowl and pan of biko and keeping watch over everyone's phones and purses while everyone left to do the piñata.

and of course, no party is a party without all the wonderful guests that joined us and made the day as fun and fabulous as it was.  the kids had a blast decorating their masks and making necklaces when they weren't running amok.  thank you to everyone for coming and being a part of this special day, apparently it was the best birthday EVER!!!!  

 a million thank yous.  we are so blessed to have grown our family in this community.  we are surrounded with so many amazing families that have made Tsawwassen our home.

Quote of the day
Hey!  Where's your underwear?!!!



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