Mother's Day

I got a nice dose of nausea for Mother's Day.  Thankfully, I had the day to stay in bed or on the couch as much as necessary with Kevin home and taking care of the kids.  I didn't get out til after 10am at which point I enjoyed French Toast and bacon.  The kids gave me their Mother's Day gift they made at school which amazingly DID NOT get eaten beforehand like last year…  Kevin got me a lavender plant to help ease my nausea with some 70% chocolate.  FANTASTIC.

Breakfast always seems to be a doozy.  After that first meal of the day, my stomach seems to have an uprising and revolts against all food invaders.  It's unpleasant, so I was back in bed right after breakfast.  

I migrated to the couch in an attempt to help do the giant load of kids laundry but ended up feeling too barfy.  I finally had to get up and get ready to check out an Open House at 3pm.  I did a pretty good job putting myself together.  You would not be able to tell how sick I was feeling by these photos but I assure you, my jaw was strained and my head was spinning.  Welcome to First Trimester: 3-4 Months of Perpetual Hangover!

everyone loves riding in the Falcon

i had to keep turning around to check out my little guy.  according to ICBC, he does not require a booster seat for the Falcon as his neck would have no protection, so here he is sitting on 100% vehicle seat.  i can't believe he is so big and that i am having another one.

we picked up some flowers for my Mom before heading over for dinner

the kids played while my brother BBQ'd the ribs i had requested

uncontrollably and furiously cramming BBQ chips into my face while waiting for dinner

the kids love watering the garden

he eventually cut his hand and totally lied about it.

he claimed the wind blew a leaf to his hand and leaf cut his finger.  right….

my funny chicken

it smells like... wine

i devoured almost an entire rack of ribs with some steaming hot white rice and then proceeded to pass out on the couch in the living room.  my mom threw a blanket on me and gave me a pineapple popsicle.  she even let me eat it on her couch!

not a lot of photos happening but i'm happy i at least got a few here.  wished i had managed to get some of us all together but considering how horrid i've been feeling, these will just have to do.

next year i will be a manatee with giant leaking udders.  things to look forward to.


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