31 in a nutshell

these last 4 days have felt like a lifetime.

this cold hasn't let up, in fact it seems either 1) to have worsened 2) to be recycling itself every week 3) to be another cold caught by my weakened immune system from the previous 3 weeks of this hacking cough and cold.

friday, june 27: i turned 31.  what have i done in the last 365 days?  seemed more like 123 days if you ask me but i can't argue with the internet or the newspaper or my iPhone so i'll just have to take their word for it.

i woke up with my darlings.  happy birthday hugs and kisses in bed.  kevin had them decorate their gift bags for the little presents the night before.  moses coloured me a crazy rainbow birthday cake with a lot of candles.  he added a couple "31"s at the bottom of the bag.  chloe wrote MOM which i am very proud of.  she gets disheartened very easily about everything not being perfect that she refuses to practice.  still, she has improved!  yay! not sure if she wrote her own name on the bottom, it looks a little more like Momo's writing.

on the flip side we have a Mohawk family from moses and some confetti with the most awesome drawing of a cat that i have seen in a long time by chloe.  her people look insane, i couldn't believe she actually pulled this kitty out of her butt.  moses gave me a bag of cola bottle candies and chloe gave me a stick of pink Hubba Bubba and a hot pink nail polish.  CLEARLY she figured i would share ha!

 i should submit it to mini&maximus to get printed on a shirt

also, i don't know why these images did not get photoshopped to the brighter version i made.  my head is too heavy and my eyes are too hot to actually figure it out.  not that you cared, but it's bothering me.

presents were followed by breakfast in bed by Moses.  we all munched on a slice of toast slathered in coconut spread and strawberry jam and then huddled together to read a story.  best morning ever.

we met my mama at Sun Sui Wah for Dim Sum

her favourite "palallums" as she calls them
my filipino nicknames at home were "Panyats" which was short for "Panyatang"

my mom took the kids for the afternoon while i had some quiet time to put in orders for all the parents that ordered prints for their little preschool graduate. 

a million years ago, back when i was 15-18 in high school, my husband used to drive into Vancouver with his Dad SUPER early in the morning.  he would get to school at 630-7am with nothing better to do, so he would often pick through people's gardens and rollerblade from his school at Main and Broadway to mine at Granville and King Ed to leave a tiny bouquet at the bus stop where i would walk by and find them.  in memory of those olden days, he took note of wild flowers he saw on his test drives during work and made me a bouquet on his way home.  it's been years since he's done this, and it just added to the perfect and chill day i was enjoying.  yes, i know, they look sad, i just took the photo an hour ago, 4 days after the fact so use your imagination.

neither of us had any plans for dinner.  kevin had made my one birthday request: a crumble.  at 7pm with no plans and my mom waiting to come for dinner with the kids, we made the last minute decision to eat at Minami.  our reservation was for 8:45pm which although was super late, was just enough time for us to get ready and make the drive.  my mom met us there with the kids.

i couldn't find my flash as we ran out the door and it was super dark as usual so photos are yuck.

just when it felt like my cold was getting better, it got worse.  i woke up at 5:30am hacking my brains out an completely unable to fall back asleep.  i decided i would go to Emergency to get checked out since i couldn't sleep.  i would have at least 2 hours to spend at the hospital before having to pick up Em and Caela for brunch at Medina.  after 2 hours and an x-ray, i was sent away with "just a cold".  i drove to Em's and got ready.  i had packed my things, just in case i didn't have time to drive back home.  we grabbed Caela, and even 22 minutes after opening, we were given a 45 minute wait time.  my cousins Nik and Nat joined us.

i was stoked that we got to sit in the back room with the sun shining through the windows.

this was a bad photo.  what i should have done was faced backwards with the camera to get me AND everyone else.  the waitresses were much too busy with the morning rush, i didn't have the audacity to request they take a group photo.  oh well.  i guess we will just have to do this again.

my usual: La Santé
soft boiled egg, heirloom tomato, olive tapenade, avocado, prosciutto, grilled focaccia

2 poached eggs on spicy tomato stew and red pepper, merguez sausage, sun dried black olives, and cilantro

2 fried eggs on baked beans, duck sausage, bacon and andouille sausage, grilled focaccia 

and the delicious waffles.  we all ordered/shared one and with a few mistakes on the toppings, we got to try a bunch of different ones!  i went for the Fig Orange Marmalade

i coughed myself out of the restaurant and most of the ride back into Ladner, peeing myself a half dozen times.  i napped the rest of the afternoon having been up since 5:30am, until it was time to head over to my in-laws for saturday dinner.

we brought the Peach and Blueberry Crumble and ate it with Vanilla Coconut Bliss ice cream

i missed out on why the costume bin came out, but this was pretty hilarious.  apparently kevin's oldest sister made the costume in high school for halloween?  chloe looks stoked.

my flexible husband.

sunday, i was a wreck and spent the entire day in bed.
back to hacking up gobs of phlegm and filling up half a basket of snotty tissues

i am so so unbelievably grateful to the fantastic man that i married for taking care of me and everything while i was indisposed including cleaning the house, disposing our dead dishwasher and installing the new one he picked up, grabbing groceries and making dinner and reading the kids stories.

today has been mostly the same, although we did get out to Point Roberts for an hour to pick up a package and spend a little time in the sun at Lighthouse Park beach.  i have a little more energy today so i am praying it's on its way out FOR GOOD.  i can't take it anymore.  i'd like to get on with my life. i have managed to book a bunch of work even though i have pulled back and taken a break and i'd like to be well enough to deliver my usual standards of work.  

despite being sick and gross, this year's chill birthday was one of my favourites.
i'm so grateful for all the love from everyone, all my family and friends.



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