Cali 2014: Maxin' and Relaxin'

this very well may be the last visit unless we drive down ourselves, and i am not so sure i have the balls for it.  car rentals are not too unreasonable so even if we still flew, we wouldn't be without options.  i've been visiting my sister in Cali for 10 years now.  back in the day, our visits consisted of landing and heading straight for dinner and drinks and dancing with girlfriends followed by afternoons of shopping.    those were such great one on ones times with my bestie/other mom.  as the kids have grown into tiny beings of hilarity and entertainment, her heart pines for them and these visits give both she and the kids the chance to bond beyond FaceTime and daily snapshots over text.  they are both now old enough that they were quite upset when we had to finally leave.

my nausea is slowly being beat out by some badass migraines that started on our holiday.  i spent most of my time on the couch watching back to back episodes of Orange is the New Black while the kids enjoyed their own Marathon of My Little Pizzle, Strawberry Shortcake, and Curious George.  these cali visits are also synonymous with hammock time.  nothing like dozing on a sunny balcony with no errands or work to be done.

oh, how could i forget.  birthday boy Momo acquired 4 new City Lego trucks that he managed to assemble on his own.  very happy that he is consistent in his Lego interest.

love love love


the kids helped to harvest (?) kale seeds
(please correct me)


my sister took chloe and i for a girls manicure
we both ended up choosing the exact same colours as last year.  creatures of habit.

finding strawberries in the garden

moses ordered an amazing grilled cheese on sourdough for lunch when we first arrived in San Diego.  we all tried it and agreed we should grill our own.  we picked up ingredients from whole foods and made it happen!

the smoked tabasco won the Best Hot Sauce match


their ritual morning hynosis by Netflix

my sister made me decaf coffees with breakfast since teas have become horrible aversions and i had my last Sambazon Açai bowl on our last morning
(gotta check if Whole Foods carries it North of the border)

i can't believe how big they are and that there is another secret little person growing inside of me.  in so many ways, this one will be the luckiest because it will be welcomed and loved by not just two, but 4 very excited and eager family members.  i am looking forward to see how Moses and Chloe fall in love and help to raise this little one.

thanks to M and D for hosting us another year and giving kevin and i a little recovery time before life kicks into high gear and for spoiling the kids rotten.  we love you xoxox


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