Cali 2014: San Diego

it's been 4 years since i was pregnant with Chloe.  the timeline with this one is the same.  the due date is December 19th, Chloe's birthday on the 20th.  i remember feeling sick then as i do now and having to take naps on the couch to sleep the misery away.  it feels like a million years ago.  to think that it was only Momo's FIRST birthday, his first of 5 that would be celebrated with my sister in sunny California.

the plane ride was easy.  i was grateful.  i had hoped to be asleep at 8pm for our 3:30am wake up call for our 7am flight, but i didn't manage to get in bed until midnight.  i was exhausted, but not sick.  kevin's dad picked up us and drove us to the terminal.  i realized half way that i had forgotten my phone, but it was a blessing in the end to not be attached to the damn thing.  i hadn't purchased a US data plan, i have no more memory for taking photos, so really it wasn't necessary.

we scored 2 free iPads for the kids on the plane.  i sat with them in one row while kevin dozed off across the aisle.  they were well-behaved.  it was probably THE BEST plane ride we have had with the kids without having to walk them up and down the aisles or nap them.  

we had a few SNAFUS once we landed and made our way through LAX.  kevin went to the washroom while i waited with the kids and baggage.  it was only until he was gone that Moses suddenly had a spaz attack of I NEED TO PEE!!!!!  he was grabbing, dancing, panicking and on the brink of tears.  chloe also decided she was in a similar state.  i tried to tell them to wait until kevin was out because i couldn't bring all the luggage and both of them into the washroom.  there must have been a line up because he wasn't coming out and i was NOT about to have either of my children pee in their pants right now.  not while feeling this tired and aggravated.  i took chloe first, making moses wait with the luggage.  because i am a germ freak, i b-lined for the roomy handicap stall, got into my Warrior 2 stance to hold chloe over the toilet seat, NOT TOUCHING!  I HATE PUBLIC WASHROOMS.  i struggled to hold her up, my limbs shaking when i was violently assaulted by the overflowing Napkin Disposal box mixed with what smelled like days of stagnant shit.   great, now i can't breathe lest i barf all over chloe while she is peeing.  i'm desperately asking her if she is done and i'm not really hearing her or her tinkling and it's seems longer than usual, so i put her down on the floor.  of course, she is still peeing.   down her legs.  into her pants and underwear.   FUCK ME.

my next incident is with Moses as we descend the last escalator down to Baggage Claim.  Kevin and Chloe go ahead with me and Moses behind.  yes, normally i would be making sure to hold his hand.  he has shown great confidence and ability to do escalators for quite some time now.  i didn't hold his hand, and he somehow forgot how they worked.  he was holding onto the descending arm rail which apparently threw him off and he was now walking backwards as each step pulled out from the top instead of just standing on one and coming down with the rest of us.  panicking and crying, there was no explaining that could help him so i attempted myself to run up the stairs but just like Moses, i was staying in ONE SPOT.  kevin managed to run up the escalator with baggage and chloe, passed me and get Moses.  so in a nutshell, if kevin wasn't there, i would have had to scream for help.

we arrived at the Beach House where we would be staying overnight.  it was about a two hour drive from my sister's home, but 10 minutes from Legoland.

we made ourselves at home

view from the top balcony

kevin's personal bottle of poison for the weekend.

it was a chilly and windy day when we arrived so our plans to head down to the beach went out the window.  we ordered pizzas for dinner and i passed out around 8pm.

DAY 2:  Legoland

Happy 5th Birthday Momo!!!!!

kids rocking their new hats and gear

probably the last time i'll jump this high.

we arrive!

so thankful kevin agreed to ride with the kids.  i didn't realize at first that the boat spun in addition to going back and forth.  i was also so thankful that the kids did not get scared on their first "big ride".  hopefully we get a chance to hit up Playland this summer now that they are both older.

Moses had a fantastic time checking out the Legocities

the kids were worn out from the walking and waiting in long lines so we took leave early and made the drive back to Los Angeles.


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