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Friday afternoon I was scheduled to take a few photos for Wigs for Kids of one of the families that have regularly donated their hair.  I met them at Henessy Hair Salon in Richmond Centre after dropping off the kids at my mom's.  in true mom fashion, she welcomed me with food: a bowl of strawberries, mangoes and grapes.  she also told me to stay for dinner when I got back from the shoot.  perfect.  nothing like being taken care of by the one who raised you when you're feeling barfy and exhausted from pregnancy.  especially when she suffered ZERO symptoms and can not relate to all my food aversions and cravings.  i found out later that she called kevin to ask him what i could and couldn't stomach before she made dinner.  i love my mom.

just the tip of the iceberg of my sheet music collection.  i play the piano every time i visit.  A Whole New World is always included as it is a million times better than Frozen's Let It Go.  Nothing compares to being swept off your feet and going for a romantic magic carpet ride with the person you are in love with…  seriously, amirite?  i played Beauty and the Beast.  the kids got excited by the pictures in the book and Moses asked me not only to play but to sing along to Gaston.  i can very honestly tell you that it was the first time i had ever done that.  it was hilarious and awesome and i had so much fun.  another Disney classic that surpasses Let It Go.

the kids took over.  Momo played while Chloe danced in her new dress my mom picked up

my mom joined us shortly and she and kids had a grand time whipping arm chair covers at each others faces and laughing their butts off.  my mom is officially 100% Grandma material.  that shit would NEVER fly if my brother and I did that.  she didn't even bat an eye when the couch cover was kicked off with all the action and the kids started pulling the cushions off.  i was in shock.  

as we packed up to leave, Moses picked a handful of peonies for us to bring home

and to think i almost bought two bunches for $20 at Whole Foods the previous day

it melts my heart to see the kids running around the same house i grew up in, to be super imposed on the same neighbourhood backdrop where i spent many evenings for many years playing outside until dusk with the other neighbourhood kids.

it's so nice when they aren't torturing one another
they can be so very sweet and loving when they are in the mood

they are at such a wonderful age
this very well might be my favourite



  1. i need to get that shirt for Dev!! i taught him how to say I love you in french just the other night!! <3

    1. You can get them here! It's run by a friend in Victoria http://whistleandfluteclothing.com
      I need to get the next size up!

  2. this is so sweet!!! DUDE... also, shelley and i spent our entire childhood (ok, and into our teens, and twenties... and even now) playing piano and singing duets!! shelley would play piano and i would sing and turn pages... now i play the rickety old piano at my house and play "let it go" for teddy... haha!! love these pics, and your sweet memories. xoxo

    1. OMG you are SO lucky to have had a sister that would do duets with you! My family was like "OMG DOES SHE HAVE TO SING?!!!!" i've been trying to find a free piano because my mom will not part with hers and i really really miss playing!


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